Labyrinth: Maze of the Goblin King (FC)

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Labyrinth: Maze of the Goblin King
Labyrinth - FC - Japan.jpg
Platform: Famicom
Year: 1987
Developer: Atlus Co., Ltd.
For other versions of this game see Labyrinth

Labyrinth: Maze of the Goblin King (ラビリンス 魔王の迷宮, Rabirinsu: Maou no Meikyuu) is a fantasy action game similar to Gauntlet (NES), but with a more specific goal. In the opening scene you learn that Jareth, the Goblin King, has kidnapped your baby brother, Toby, and taken him to his castle beyond the Goblin City. You are given 13 hours to guide Sarah through the huge labyrinth consisting of 12 sections including the exterior, the unending passage, the stone maze, the hedge maze, the underground, the forest, the Bog of Eternal Stench, the Goblin City, and more.

Sarah is armed only with a rock, and she must throw it at various enemies from the movie including fairies, goblins, and fireys. Each time an enemy hits you you lose precious seconds in your quest to find your brother. As you journey you'll also find hearts which you can use to call your friends Hoggle, Ludo, and Sir Didymus to help you (though they mostly get in your way). You will also receive help from the worm who sells you items, and the old man with the bird hat, who grants you more time and teleports you to different parts of he labyrinth.

While the game does have some annoying control issues, it's vastly superior to most movie conversions, and it's really a shame that it wasn't localized for English play. This version is very different from the game that was released on the MSX, Commodore 64, and Apple II.


Labyrinth - FC - Title.png

The title screen, modeled after the movie.

Labyrinth - FC - Introduction.png

Jareth has taken Toby away! At least, I think that's what he's saying.

Labyrinth - FC - Worm.png

Allo! This talking worm will show me the way.

Labyrinth - FC - Hedge Maze.png

Hoggle protects me through the hedge maze.

Labyrinth - FC - Inventory.png

The inventory screen.

Labyrinth - FC - Underground.png

The enemies in the underground are especially tough.


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Labyrinth - FC - Album Art.jpg

Most of the game's soundtrack is taken directly from the movie and arranged for 8-bit audio. While they lack the refinement of an orchestra and the vibrancy of David Bowie's voice, they capture the music quite well. You will also hear a couple new themes created by Tsukasa Masuko, though they act mostly as filler. Tsukasa Masuko, having programmed his own sound driver, probably also wrote the audio engine. According to Masuko, he wrote the music in assembly.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Opening Titles Trevor JonesTsukasa Masuko 0:54
02 Introduction David BowieTsukasa Masuko 0:22
03 Fairies Tsukasa MasukoTsukasa Masuko 0:48
04 Into the Labyrinth Trevor JonesTsukasa Masuko 0:48
05 The Labyrinth Tsukasa MasukoTsukasa Masuko 1:09
06 Oubliette Tsukasa MasukoTsukasa Masuko 0:35
07 Magic Dance David BowieTsukasa Masuko 1:46
08 Chilly Down David BowieTsukasa Masuko 1:01
09 The Goblin Battle Trevor JonesTsukasa Masuko 0:48
10 Castle Tsukasa MasukoTsukasa Masuko 1:26
11 Music Box Tsukasa MasukoTsukasa Masuko 0:03
12 Got Item Tsukasa MasukoTsukasa Masuko 0:03
13 Rescued Toby Trevor JonesTsukasa Masuko 0:47
14 As the World Falls Down David BowieTsukasa Masuko 1:20
15 Unused Trevor JonesTsukasa Masuko 0:18



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Ripping NES music is a very arduous process that is beyond the scope of this site.


  Japan.svg   Japan
Labyrinth - FC - Japan.jpg
Title: ラビリンス 魔王の迷宮 (Labyrinth: Maze of the Goblin King)
Platform: Famicom
Released: 1987-01-07
Publisher: Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.


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Notable Songs Magic Dance • As the World Falls Down • Underground • Within You • Opening Titles • Chilly Down
Notable Personnel David Bowie • Trevor Jones
Notable Companies LucasArts • Atlus