Labyrinth: The Computer Game (C64)

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Labyrinth: The Computer Game
Labyrinth - C64 - USA.jpg
Platform: Commodore 64
Year: 1986
Developer: Lucasfilm Games, LLC.
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Labyrinth: The Computer Game is an adventure game based on the movie Labyrinth. The game begins as a basic text-adventure (a design choice by Douglas Adams), but early in the game it turns into a graphical adventure game. You are drawn into Jareth's labyrinth and must solve it in 13 hours or be trapped forever. All of the movie character are in the game including Hoggle, Ludo, Sir Didmyus, Jareth, the old man with the bird hat, Alph and Ralph, the Helping Hands, the Fireys, and a slew of goblins. The locations also exist including the labyrinth, the oubliette, the hedge maze, the forest, the Goblin City, and the final stair room. Even some of David Bowie's music makes an appearance.

The game lets you choose to be male or female and uses your favorite color as a randomization seed to change the game around a little. The game uses an early version of the LucasArts SCUMM engine which would later be used in games like Maniac Mansion (C64) and Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (C64).


Labyrinth - C64 - Title.png

The game's title screen.

Labyrinth - C64 - Game Select.png

Choosing a new game.

Labyrinth - C64 - Start.png

Entering my info for the text adventure beginning.

Labyrinth - C64 - Jareth.png

It just got real!

Labyrinth - C64 - Sarah's Scared.png

Sarah is not thrilled to be at the gates of the labyrinth.

Labyrinth - C64 - Hoggle.png

Thanks for nothing hogwort.


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Labyrinth - C64 - Album Art.jpg

None of Trevor Jones's score makes an appearance in the game, but four of David Bowie's tunes are included.


Issue - Incomplete.svg

This recording is incomplete.

# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Underground David BowieDavid Martin 2:52
02 Movie Theatre David BowieDavid Martin 0:52
03 Jareth Fanfare David BowieDavid Martin 0:06
04 As the World Falls Down David BowieDavid Martin 0:19
05 Magic Dance David BowieDavid Martin 0:00


(Source: Manual)

Game Rip






Ripping Commodore music is beyond the scope of this Wiki.

Audio Devices

This game uses the computer's built-in SID chip. It sounds different on every machine because it uses SID's unstable filter.

On PAL Commodores, everything is 4% lower and 19% slower than on NTSC.


  UK.svg   UK
Labyrinth - C64 - UK.jpg
Title: Labyrinth: The Computer Game
Platform: Commodore 64
Released: 1986-??-??
Publisher: Activision, Inc.
  USA.svg   USA
Labyrinth - C64 - USA.jpg
Title: Labyrinth: The Computer Game
Platform: Commodore 64
Released: 1986-??-??
Publisher: Activision, Inc.


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Notable Songs Magic Dance • As the World Falls Down • Underground • Within You • Opening Titles • Chilly Down
Notable Personnel David Bowie • Trevor Jones
Notable Companies LucasArts • Atlus