Hillsfar (NES)

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Platform: NES
Year: 1990
Developer: Crosstalk
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Hillsfar is one of the four Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game for the NES. In the game, you create a character and ride a horse to get to the city of Hillsfar. When in Hillsfar, you must see the guildmaster at the guild of the class of your character. They will give you certain quests, which usually involve breaking into places and stealing items. Sometimes, they must go to the taverns to get useful information on where a certain item is.

The game has several different gameplay elements; horseriding, archery, arena battles, moving around the inside of a house or building, and lockpicking. However, the first-person view when you're in the city of Hillsfar is not present in this version of the game.

The game was produced by an unknown Japanese developer by the name of Dr. Jinno. George Kamitani (of Princess Crown fame) did the game's graphics. Though the game's developer is not mentioned anywhere, George confirmed that Crosstalk was the developer of the game, as he worked there part-time while he was still in high school.



The title screen.


Riding a horse to the city of Hillsfar.


Walking around the city of Hillsfar.


Heading to the exit in one of the dungeons.


Fighting in the arena.


An encounter with a Rogue on the streets of Hillsfar.


The music in Hillsfar offers quite a few tunes, but there's one downside to it, and that is that most of the game, there's no music. You'll usually hear a sound effect here and there. While you're walking around the city of Hillsfar, nothing, no music. When you're in somebody's house, there's no music, only the sound of your footsteps and opening chests. When you're picking a lock, you only get a dynamite sound because you're timed on the lock. In the town you'll get a theme for the tavern, trading posts, and guilds found around the city. There is also a theme when you run into people in the city, which doesn't happen all that much. The title music was ported from the computer versions (except the DOS version which didn't have any title music). Westwood Studios developed the computer versions, which Paul Mudra composed. The NES version lacks credits. Seiji Toda, composer of Pool of Radiance said that it may have been his work, but he can't be sure.

There is also an unused track in the game. It sounds like it was probably meant to be used as a game over theme, or some kind of in-game theme that you would hear near the end of the game. It also sounds like it could have been a test song to make sure the game's audio driver was running correctly.

As stated above, this game's sound engine was used in a few other games, but these titles were exclusive to Japan: Arctic (FC), Bakushou! Jinsei Gekijou (FC), and Jangou (FC).


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Title Paul MudraUnknown 1:34
02 Camp UnknownUnknown 0:44
03 Encounter UnknownUnknown 1:46
04 Trading Post UnknownUnknown 1:01
05 Taverns UnknownUnknown 0:49
06 Arena Battle UnknownUnknown 1:04
07 Win Arena Battle UnknownUnknown 0:04
08 Lose Arena Battle UnknownUnknown 0:03
09 Death UnknownUnknown 0:09
10 Ending UnknownUnknown 0:42
11 Unused UnknownUnknown 1:08


(Game lacks credits)

The game has multiple endings, depending on which class of character you play, but even beating all of them will not give you any credits. The PC-98 version, which shares most of the same music credits Yasuhiro Kawasaki. However, it is believed that he just converted the music from the NES version.

Game Rip

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This rip is missing songs.



  Japan.svg   Japan
Title: ヒルズファー (Hillsfar)
Platform: Famicom
Released: 1991-03-21
Publisher: Pony Canyon, Inc.
  USA.svg   USA
Title: Hillsfar
Platform: NES
Released: 1993-02-??
Publisher: FCI