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Founded 1987?
Headquarters Japan

Coconuts Japan (possibly localized to ココナツジャパン) was a Japanese game developer, possibly founded in 1987, and the company probably closed their doors in 2000. They first started out developing Pachinko games on the Nintendo Famicom along with Marionette. The company continued to develop video games on Nintendo's consoles, but later started developing games for the TurboGrafx-16, 3DO, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, and other consoles. Their first known game is Mezase Pachi Pro: Pachiokun for the Famicom, and their last known title is World League Soccer for the PlayStation. Most of their early games were published by a company called C*Dream, which is often confused with the unlicensed American game developer Color Dreams.

When it came to their music, Coconuts Japan made a wise choice in sometimes hiring professional composers such as Mamoru Fujisawa to compose their soundtracks.

Due to graphical and auditory comparisons, they were most likely behind the development of Bakushou! Jinsei Gekijou 1 and Jangou for the Famicom and Hillsfar for the NES.


Music Development


According to Hironari Tadokoro, sheet music and demo tapes were sent from the composers to Coconuts Japan, which was then given to him to program into the game in Music Macro Language. Coconuts Japan eventually developed their own sound engine. It was possibly programmed by Yoshiyuki Ishii or Akira Nakakuma.

Audio Personnel