Hironari Tadokoro

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Hironari Tadokoro
Local 田所 広成 (たどころ ひろなり)
Born 1950?
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Died December 8, 2018
Aliases H. Tadokoro, Punk Tadokoro, Ponii Ichinen, M. Boochan, Piropiro, Mick J. Piro, Tarorisu, Kieth Jagger

Hironari Tadokoro was a Japanese sound designer, programmer and composer. He only worked on a few games which were developed by Marionette. According to Hironari, the first game he worked on was Mezase Pachi Pro: Pachiokun. He also was a part of the group of composers for Dr. Chaos (Ponii Ichinen). He has also worked at a game company by the name of F&C. He has also worked on the music to a CD called Maid San Best 2. While he usually only was an audio programmer, he also composed the music to a few games, his best known title being Phantom Fighter.

After the release of Pachio-kun 5, Tadokoro stopped working on video games.

On December 8, 2018, Hironari Tadokoro passed away.

Music Composition


Hironari programmed his own sound driver in 6502 assembly. Music and sound effects were written in Music Macro Language. While he was working on the Pachiokun games, the composers sent cassette tapes to him and he rewrote the music to his sound driver by hand.


Released Title Sample
1987-12-18 Mezase Pachi Pro: Pachio-kun (FC) (目指せパチプロパチ夫くん) Sound Driver
1988-09-16 Phantom Fighter (NES) (霊幻道士)
1988-11-?? Dr. Chaos (NES)
1988-11-12 Pachinko Grand Prix (FDS) (パチンコGP)
1989-01-30 Pachio-kun 2 (FC) (パチ夫くん2) Music Data Man
1989-12-08 Pachinko Time (GB) (パチンコ タイム) Music Dataman
1989-12-19 I Love Softball (FC) (アイラブソフトボール) Music Dataman
1989-??_?? Pachipro Densetsu (MSX) (パチプロ伝説) Music Data Man
1990-06-15 Card Game (GB) (カード・ゲーム) Music Dataman
1990-10-26 Pachio-kun 3 (FC) (パチ夫くん3) Sound Driver
1991-06-28 Pool of Radiance (NES) Music Programmer
1991-07-19 Pachinko Daisakusen (FC) (パチンコ大作戦1) Music Dataman
1991-11-22 Pachio-kun 4 (FC) (パチ夫くん4) Sound Driver
1992-07-19 Pachinko Daisakusen 2 (FC) (パチンコ大作戦2) Sound Driver
1993-06-18 Pachio-kun 5 (FC) (パチ夫くん5) Sound Driver