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Marionette - 1.PNG
Founded September 1984
Other Names Pinocchio, Pink Dragon

Marionette (マリオネット株式会社 Marionetto Kabushikigaisha) was a Japanese game developer. It was founded around September of 1984. Marionette housed some staff such as Kunihiko Kagawa, Yoshiaki Sakaguchi and Hironari Tadokoro. The company is now a part of Global A Entertainment.

The company also worked with a graphics corporation known as "S.R.S." which housed Seishi Yokota. It is currently unknown what the letters stand for, but it is likely that it was Seishi's company. While they were developing NES games with C-Dream, they went by the alias Pinocchio.

The company probably got its name from the similarity between a marionette puppet and a video game, both of which are controlled by a person.


Music Development


Hironari Tadokoro programmed the sound driver in which the music was written in Music Macro Language.

Audio Personnel

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