Kouji Murata (GB Driver)

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Kouji Murata (GB Driver)
Released 1992-07-24
Programmers Kouji Murata
Language Z80 Assembly
Formats ?

Kouji Murata is an unofficial name of a sound driver used by Minakuchi Engineering on several of their Game Boy games. It was programmed by Kouji Murata, who did music and sound effects on most, if not all of the games which used the driver.

Release History

The driver was first used in Bionic Commando (GB), and would subsequently see use in most of the line of Mega Man games on the Game Boy. Code comparisons have indicated it to be an entirely new driver, rather than an updated version of the sound driver that Hiroshi Wada designed for the company's early Game Boy titles. Though it was officially only used on a handful of Minakuchi Engineering's own games, many bootleg and homebrew games have also made use of the sound driver (the bootleg games among mainly the Vast Fame GBC and GBA games those, which use of this driver).


The driver outputs to the DMG-CPU B chip. It notably has a range of unique bass instruments for the Game Boy's PCM channel, as opposed to the then more common method of using the PCM channel as a third square wave channel and/or emulating the NES's triangle channel.


Released Title Sample
1992-07-24 Bionic Commando (GB)
1992-12-11 Mega Man III (GB)
1993-10-29 Mega Man IV (GB)
1994-07-22 Mega Man V (GB)
1998-??-?? Zook Hero Z (GBC) (路克英雄 Z)
1999-??-?? Zook Hero 2 (GBC) (路克英雄 2)
2000-11-?? Queen Fighter 2000 (GBC) (女王格鬥2000)
2000-12-?? Feng Kuang Da Fu Weng - Crazy Monopoly (GBC) (疯狂大富翁)
2001-??-?? Bai Wang Da Fu Weng Jin Ban - Monopoly 2 (GBC)
2001-??-?? Shui Hu Shen Shou - Water Margin Animal (GBC) (水滸神獸)
2001-??-?? Super Fighter 2001 Alpha (GBC) (超級格鬥2001α)
2001-??-?? Digital Monsters 3 (GBC) (數碼暴龍水晶版3)
2001-07-15 Sheng Shou Wu Yu - Sacred Story Dragon Legend (GBC) (聖獸物語神龍傳說)
2001-07-18 Shi Kong Xing Shou - Space-Time Star Beast (GBC) (時空星獸)
2002-??-?? Xin Feng Shen Bang (GBC) (新封神榜)
2002-??-?? Devil Island (GBC)
2002-??-?? Soul Falchion (GBC) (格鬥劍神)
2003-??-?? Digimon Saphire (GBC)
2003-??-?? Mo Jie Qi Bing - The Lord of the Rings (GBA) (魔戒奇兵)
2003-??-?? Rockman & Crystal (GBA) Only Music
Unknown Digimon Pocket (GBC)