Grant Kirkhope

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Grant Kirkhope
Grant Kirkhope - 1.jpg
Born July 10, 1962 (Age 52)
Birth Place Edinburgh, Scotland
Nationality English   UK.svg

Grant Kirkhope is an English musician who is known for his outstanding work at Rare. He started working on video game music in October 1995 when he joined Rare. While working there, he scored the music to a great deal of their popular games, including the Banjo series, GoldenEye 007, and Perfect Dark. In August 2008, Grant left Rare and went on to be the audio director at Big Huge Games until May 2012. He currently serves as a composer for all sorts of media at Kirkcophony and Robotoki.

Music Development


Grant said this about his N64 music for GoldenEye 007:

Added samples to the N64 dev kit. Triggered them via a sequencer and wrote the tunes. Most instrument samples came from a Roland JV1080.


Released Title Sample
1996-09-?? Donkey Kong Land 2 (GB) (ドンキーコングランド)
1997-08-25 GoldenEye 007 (N64) (ゴールデンアイ007)
1998-05-31 Banjo-Kazooie (N64) (バンジョーとカズーイの大冒険)
1999-10-31 Donkey Kong 64 (N64) (ドンキーコング64)
2000-05-22 Perfect Dark (N64) (パーフェクトダーク)
2000-11-19 Banjo-Tooie (N64) (バンジョーとカズーイの大冒険2)
2003-10-21 Grabbed By The Ghoulies (X360) (グーリーズ)
2008-11-12 Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (X360) (バンジョーとカズーイの大冒険 ガレージ大作戦)
2010-03-17 Perfect Dark (X360)
2006-11-09 Viva Pinata (X360) (あつまれ!ピニャータ)