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Data East Corporation
Data East.svg
Founded April 20, 1976
Closed 2003
Headquarters Suginami, Japan
Other Names Data East USA, DECO, Data East Corporation

Data East Corporation (データイースト株式会社) was a Japanese video game development company founded by Tetsuo Fukuda in 1976. The company developed games for a wide variety of platforms. The company made a couple devices for their arcade machines so arcade owners wouldn't have to buy a whole new arcade, but they had lots of technical problems. Sometimes, they went by the name DECO (Data East COrporation). In 2003, Data East filed for bankruptcy.


Music Development


The composers used music programs such as Cubase and Logic, which was then converted to the arcade machine with their own conversion utility. Their sound driver was created by someone named T. Kitazawa, according to the Bump 'n Jump game's hidden credit.


Composers created MIDI files which were converted to Hiroyasu Fujimaru's sound driver.


The composers programmed their music in hexadecimal on an MSX computer. The Data East Famicom sound driver was created by someone with the last name Ogoshi.


The Data East Sound Team created MIDI files in different sequencers which were converted to Seiji Yamanaka's sound driver.

Audio Personnel

The following composers worked at Data East: