Andrew Barnabas

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Andrew Barnabas
Birth Place
Nationality British   UK.svg

Andrew Barnabas attended the University of Leeds college for music in 1995. His early music was mostly for the Amiga, but when the PlayStation become popular in the UK, he switched over.


Released Title Sample
1991-??-?? Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone (AMI)
1991-??-?? SWIV (AMI)
1993-??-?? Cool Spot (AMI)
1993-??-?? Global Gladiators (AMI)
1994-??-?? Aladdin (AMI)
1995-??-?? FIFA Soccer '96 (32X)
1995-11-?? FIFA Soccer '96 (SNES)
1995-12-?? FIFA Soccer '96 (GB)
1997-09-30 Frogger (PS1)
1997-12-05 Beast Wars: Transformers (PS1)
1998-10-?? MedEvil (PS1)
2000-??-?? MedEvil II (PS1)
2001-04-06 C-12: Final Resistance (PS1)
2003-03-25 Primal (PS2)