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Zoop - GB - USA.jpg
Platform: Game Boy
Year: 1995
Developer: Hookstone Productions

Zoop is a puzzle game by Hookstone. You control an arrow in the middle of a grid and must shoot different colored pieces closing in on you by shooting them with your arrow. However, you can only destroy ("zoop") pieces that are the same color as your arrow, otherwise you and the piece you shot will swap colors.

Along the way, you can get powerups such as a lightning bolt which clears many blocks wherever it's shot, and collecting 5 springs will cause all pieces on the board to be destroyed.

The Game Boy version had to be scaled down due to the low screen resolution, so the wacky shapes of the computer versions was changed to just simple rectangles.

The Game Boy and Game Gear versions were the only portable/handheld versions of the game and are very identical to each other, the only differences being in graphics and sound quality.


Zoop - GB - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

Zoop - GB - Gameplay 1.png

The main menu.

Zoop - GB - Gameplay 2.png

The options menu, which only lets you set up audio.

Zoop - GB - Gameplay 3.png

Selecting a difficulty.

Zoop - GB - Gameplay 4.png

Playing the fifth stage.

Zoop - GB - Gameplay 5.png

Entering a name on the high scores screen.


The original DOS version featured 11 tracks for various multitracked soundcards. The Game Boy version had to be scaled down to just 4 channels; 3 square waves and one noise channel. The Game Boy version only uses 7 of the 11 songs in the DOS version, though it also uses some of the unused songs in the DOS version as well. Some of the songs are shorter than what's heard in the console/computer ports, and some of the vibraphone tremolos are missing.

To do the arrangements, Eric wrote MIDI files in Cakewalk, which were then converted to David Warhol's sound driver.

The songs are named after the XMI files in the DOS version.


# Title ComposerArrangerProgrammer Length Listen Download
01 Zoop Jazz Bobby ScumaciEric SwansonDavid Warhol 1:27
02 Jazz 2 Mark DavisEric SwansonDavid Warhol 1:35
03 Shake Mark DavisEric SwansonDavid Warhol 2:08
04 Latman Mark DavisEric SwansonDavid Warhol 1:37
05 Zoop Fink Mark DavisEric SwansonDavid Warhol 1:48
06 Bonus Mark DavisEric SwansonDavid Warhol 1:45
07 Bonus 2 Mark DavisEric SwansonDavid Warhol 1:34


(Sources: USA, Japan)

Like every other version of this game, the credits can only be found in the manual. The Japanese version's manual also has credits, but they are the same as the USA version.

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  USA.svg   USA
Zoop - GB - USA.jpg
Title: Zoop
Platform: Game Boy
Released: 1995-11-05
Publisher: Viacom New Media
  EU.svg   EU
Zoop - GB - Europe.jpg
Title: Zoop
Platform: Game Boy
Released: 1995-??-??
Publisher: Viacom New Media
  Japan.svg   Japan
Zoop - GB - Japan.jpg
Title: ズープ (Zoop)
Platform: Game Boy
Released: 1997-01-31
Publisher: Yanoman

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Notable Songs Zoop Jazz
Notable Personnel Bobby Scumaci • Mark Davis
Notable Companies Hookstone Productions • Viacom