Yumiko Kametani

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Yumiko Kametani
Local 亀谷 由美子 (かめや ゆみこ)
Birth Place
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Yumiko Kanki

Yumiko Kametani (née Kanki (神吉)) started her work in the video game industry at Nintendo in 1987, working under Akito Nakatsuka and left the company around 1995. Her and Soyo Oka worked at the company around the same time and for approximately the same amount of time. Her first works at Nintendo were for the Famicom Disk System's Golf games Japan Course and US Course. She also composed the music to the SNES's launch title F-Zero, in which she composed all but the ending theme and Naoto Ishida's Big Blue. Among these tunes was Mute City, possibly the best known theme of the series.

Shortly before leaving Nintendo, she composed some music for their SNES games such as Tetris & Dr. Mario and Super Scope 6. Her music later regained some popularity after Star Fox 2 was released for the SNES Mini, a game that was previously unreleased in which she worked on with Kozue Ishikawa.

Though she was always credited as Yumiko Kanki, she later married and she is now known as Yumiko Kametani.

Audio Development

Famicom Disk System

For the two Golf games on the Disk System, with Akito Nakatsuka being her supervisor, she used his sound driver, which required the music to be entered in 6502 assembly macros.


Yumiko used Kankichi-kun.

F-Zero uses a special build of the driver. Super Scope 6 and Tetris & Dr. Mario also use their own builds of the driver. Star Fox 2 uses Yoji Inagaki's variant of the driver.


Released Title Sample Notes
1987-02-21 Golf: Japan Course (FDS) (ゴルフジャパンコース) With Akito Nakatsuka.
1987-06-14 Golf: US Course (FDS) (ゴルフユーエスコース) With Akito Nakatsuka.
1990-11-21 F-Zero (SNES) (エフゼロ) All songs except Big Blue and Ending Theme.
1992-02-?? Super Scope 6 (SNES) (スーパースコープ6)
1994-12-?? Tetris & Dr. Mario (SNES) Arranged Hirokazu Tanaka's music.
1999-04-25 BS Special Tee Shot (SFC) (BS スペシャルティーショット)
Unreleased Star Fox 2 (SNES) (スターフォックス2) With Kozue Ishikawa.