Yasuhiko Fukuda

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Yasuhiko Fukuda
Yasuhiko Fukuda - 1.jpg
Local 福田 裕彦 (ふくだ やすひこ)
Born 1957-05-03
Birth Place Itabashi, Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Y. Fukuda, Hirohiko Fukuda, Yasuhiko Hukuda

Yasuhiko Fukuda (also known as Hirohiko Fukuda) is a Japanese musician, known for his many contributions to the Bomberman series.

At age 4, Fukuda started playing the piano. During his years in school, he was interested in anime. In 1976 he graduated from Takehaya High School and attended the Waseda University a couple years later. He also won the East West 78 band tournament at the same time. In 1980, Yasuhiko joined the band QUYS and played keyboards. He then started playing with professional Japanese musicians and joined Noritaka Ubukata in creating instruments for the infamous Yamaha DX7. Fukuda later wrote a book documenting the synthesizer (ヤマハDX7 パーフェクト活用法 or Yamaha DX7: Perfect Usage), and it was later translated and sold in the western regions. He later joined Hudson Soft and composed many of the games in the Bomberman series, among other games.

Yasuhiko Fukuda currently plays keyboards in the band BeatNuts. Because of his work with the DX7, he is also a Yamaha Motif artist, which are the type of Yamaha keyboards he uses during live performances.

Audio Development


Smart Ball uses a variant of Nintendo's Kankichi-kun, either by System Sacon of Naxat. Super Bomberman 2 uses Hudson's sound driver by Takayuki Iwabuchi.


Released Title Sample Notes
1990-06-22 Download (PCE) (ダウンロード)
1990-08-31 Atomic Punk (GB) (ボンバーボーイ)
1991-09-13 Smart Ball (SNES) (ジェリーボーイ)
1994-04-22 Bakuden: Unbalance Zone (ROM2) (爆伝 アンバランス ゾーン)
1994-04-28 Super Bomberman 2 (SNES) (スーパーボンバーマン2)
1994-08-10 Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman (GB) (ボンバーマンGB)
1995-08-10 Bomberman GB (GB) (ボンバーマンGB2)
1996-04-26 Super Bomberman 4 (SFC) (スーパーボンバーマン4) Arranger
1996-12-20 Bomberman GB 3 (GB) (ボンバーマンGB3)
1997-02-28 Super Bomberman 5 (SFC) (スーパーボンバーマン5)
1997-12-12 Pocket Bomberman (GB) (ポケット ボンバーマン)
1998-??-?? Pocket Bomberman (GBC)