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Yamaha YM2151
Yamaha YM2151.PNG
Developer: Yamaha
Released: 1983-??-??
Type: Chip


The Yamaha YM2151, also known as the OPM (FM Operator Type-M) is an eight-channel, four-operator sound chip. The chip was first used in 1984 with Atari's Marble Madness (ARC) and continued to be used heavily throughout the 1980s. Some of its most notable platforms include the Sharp X1 and Sharp X68000 home computers.


List of Games
Release Game Chip Sample
1984-??-?? Marble Madness (ARC) YM2151
1985-10-?? Gauntlet (ARC) YM2151
1986-07-04 Life Force (ARC) YM2151 with K007232
1986-09-?? OutRun (ARC) YM2151 with Sega PCM
1986-??-?? Rolling Thunder (ARC) YM2151
1987-03-?? Bionic Commando (ARC) YM2151
1987-11-?? Shinobi (ARC) YM2151
1988-03-24 Vulcan Venture (ARC) YM2151 with K007232
1988-??-?? Altered Beast (ARC) YM2151
1989-06-?? Golden Axe (ARC) YM2151
1989-12-11 Gradius III (ARC) YM2151 with K007232
1990-02-?? Parodius Da! Shinwa kara Owarai E (ARC) YM2151 with K053260
1990-03-23 Populous (X68) YM2151
1991-03-?? Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (ARC) YM2151 with MSM6295
1991-03-?? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time (ARC) YM2151 with K053260
1992-03-?? Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (ARC) YM2151 with MSM6295
1996-02-01 Battle Garegga (ARC) YM2151 with MSM6295
1998-??-?? Red Hawk (ARC) YM2151
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Document Download
YM2151 Datasheet Download - (info)
YM2151 Synthesis Download - (info)