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Xevious - NES - USA.jpg
Platform: NES
Year: 1988
Developer: Namco
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For other games in the series, see Xevious.

Xevious is one of the early arcades that Namco developed that was ported to the NES. There's not much to say about this game because of its simplistic gameplay. Basically, you go around in a ship called Solvalou shooting enemy ships. The main goal is to get to the fortress and destroy it, but you can easily skip it. Despite its simple gameplay, the game was ported to many consoles, and there are even remakes still being developed to this day. This was one of the games that was licensed for the NES that Namco developed. Usually, they had Tengen publish their games.

The NES version of Xevious was programmed by Kazuo Kurosu, with sound effects by Nobuyuki Ohnogi, assisted by Masanobu Endoh and Haruhisa Udagawa and tested by Shidashi Yamamo.

In Japan, a sequel was released called Super Xevious: Ganpu no Nazo (FC).


Xevious - NES - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

Xevious - NES - Gameplay 1.png

Flying discs aren't really that threatening.


There's not really any music to speak of; just the game start music and the in-game music which can get annoying very fast because it's about a 5 second loop. The two name entry themes from the arcade version were omitted from the NES version for unknown reasons.

Nobuyuki Ohnogi ported Yuriko Keino's score from the arcade version to the NES, and had to write the music in 6502 assembly.

The music is featured on the Famicom Game Music DVD, but there is no official title for the tracks. The DVD only has one track called ゼビウス ゲームプレイ (Xevious Gameplay).

Though the game was later released for the Famicom Disk System, that version does not take advantage of the RP2C33, and uses the exact audio in the NES version.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Start Music Yuriko KeinoNobuyuki Ohnogi 0:06
02 In-Game Music Yuriko KeinoNobuyuki Ohnogi 0:16
03 Extend Sound Yuriko KeinoNobuyuki Ohnogi 0:01


(Source, Verification from Yuriko Keino.)

There are no credits in the game itself. However, the game's ROM image contains a full staff list of credits. Nobuyuki Ohnogi is credited for sound, which most likely means he was the arranger as well, interesting, as Namco usually had the composers of the arcade versions of their games at the time convert their compositions over to other the consoles that they worked on.

Yuriko Keino has confirmed in various interviews that she composed the music and sound to the original arcade version.

Game Rip







  Japan.svg   Japan
Xevious - FC.jpg
Title: ゼビウス (Xevious)
Platform: Famicom
Released: 1984-11-08
Publisher: Namcot, Ltd.
  USA.svg   USA
Xevious - NES - USA.jpg
Title: Xevious: The Avenger
Platform: NES
Released: 1988-09-??
Publisher: Bandai
  EU.svg   EU
Xevious - NES - EU.jpg
Title: Xevious
Platform: NES
Released: 1989-10-25
Publisher: Bandai
  Japan.svg   Japan
Title: ゼビウス (Xevious)
Platform: Famicom Disk System
Released: 1990-05-18
Publisher: Namcot, Ltd.


  • Development of NES Xevious (In Japanese): [1]