World Darts (AST)

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World Darts
World Darts - AST - UK.jpg
Platform: Atari ST
Year: 1988
Developer: Binary Design Ltd

World Darts is a 501 simulator converted from both World Darts (ARC) and its 8-bit predecessors (named 180), all developed at Binary Design.

Like on 8-bit, you play against two of seven computer opponents, and you must beat every opponent twice. To aim, you move an on-screen hand diagonally. There's no time limit, but comparing with World Darts (ARC), the hand quickly sinks as you let the joystick go. The 16-bit versions also suggest your next target, although all except World Darts (AMI) neglect the double-out. Starting the ST conversion is a bit confusing: Once you hit the joystick button, the title screen and speech reappear once before the game automatically starts for real.

Uniquely, the ST graphics have a few extra ideas, and the high scores are more detailed. Contrary to what the "1up" text and "Player One" speech suggest, there's no two-player mode.


World Darts - AST - Title.png

The animated title screen.

World Darts - AST - Opponents.png

Full bracket of twins and... zombies?

World Darts - AST - Start.png

Your Atari is barking at you!

World Darts - AST - Aiming.png

Nicest hit art, but target detection two pixels off.

World Darts - AST - Opponent.png

Computer opponent in tears? Strained wrist or low score?

World Darts - AST - High Score.png

Intelligent keyboard. Still no saving.


For a pleasant change, the ST plays only samples, and fairly atmospheric ones, at 9600 Hz, 8-bit PCM. No square waves, no white noise. The audio driver may have been written by game programmer Gareth Briggs, considering it is located tightly between keyboard- and screen-code.

The only music is the one where the computer opponent takes his turn. The unique arrangement sounds like someone was actually performing on an (unidentified) cheap synthesizer. An unused header suggests that it was recorded at 10000 Hz (as signed PCM). The notes are certainly tuned almost a semitone too low, likely 71 cents.

The two speeches and five sound effects (two unused) were evidently recorded from World Darts (ARC) and its platform's BIOS, curiously running at PAL and as unsigned PCM.


The song was recorded in Hatari v2.2.1.

# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Waiting David WhittakerJason Brooke 0:05


(Source for Brooke: title screen. Source for composer: Brooke on Twitter. Source for voice actor: coin-op graphic artist.)

Game Rip






Audio Devices

This game uses the computer's built-in YM2149F chip.


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World Darts - AST - UK.jpg
Title: World Darts
Platform: Atari • ST
Released: 1988-0?-??
Publisher: Mastertronic Limited


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Notable Songs Title • Set Start • Waiting
Notable Personnel David Whittaker • Jason Brooke
Notable Companies Binary Design • Mastertronic