World Darts (ARC)

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World Darts
Platform: Arcade
Year: 198?
Developer: Binary Design Ltd.

World Darts is a coin-op 501 darts simulator, based on an Amiga 500 at NTSC.

In one-player mode, you play against three of seven computer opponents and must beat every opponent only once. In two-player mode, you must beat your pal twice. Arcade operators can set up the difficulty (hand movement speed) and the time a credit lasts.

The coin-op is a revamp of the 180 8-bit games, with all-new graphics, speech, saved high scores, a suggested target (though badly towards the double-out), but no Around the Clock. Most of this was further converted to other 16-bits.


World Darts - ARC - Credits.png

"Put your money in" or "Arcadia presents World Darts".

World Darts - ARC - Bracket.png

Full bracket.

World Darts - ARC - Instructions.png

Wall of text. After inserting coins.

World Darts - ARC - Game.png

Human playing.

World Darts - ARC - Opponent.png

Computer opponent and music playing.

World Darts - ARC - Continue.png

Three minutes are up.


The game includes two songs from the 8-bit originals, but plays only 6 seconds of one of them.

Composer David Whittaker had already quit Binary, so his successor Jason Brooke ported his data. Given one more voice by the Amiga, he changed all arpeggios to chords. However, a hardware limit made him ultimately transpose the whole music driver four semitones down. For unknown reasons, all vibratos have been deleted, like in Brooke's 180 (A8). Being his second known Amiga job, the four instruments seem chippy and were likely created on a computer beforehand:

  1. bass (from Feud (AMI))
  2. chords and melody (unique to World Darts)
  3. unused (from Feud)
  4. unused (from Feud), too

Used sound effects are: five speeches, two takes of cheers, four chalk sounds, a tick, a dart, and two coin sound effects provided by Global Control Program (ARC). Unused are: the later home computer version's screen rotation, "Game on", "Game over", a burp, and two unidentified impact sounds.


The game was modified to play either song fully, twice plus 10 seconds when looped. They were then recorded in WinUAE 5.1.0 with NTSC on, Audio filter at Emulated (A500), and Stereo separation at 100%.

The VGMPF made the titles up, not knowing official ones.

# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Title David WhittakerJason Brooke 1:59
02 Set Start David WhittakerJason Brooke 0:07


(Source for music & effects: title screen. Source for composer: Brooke on Twitter. Source for Whelan: main graphic artist.)

Game Rip



JCB.png RAW.png



The JCB rip will sound too slow as no players are known to support NTSC.

Audio Devices

This game uses the cabinet's built-in Paula chip. It does not turn the LED filter off.

Arcade operators can lower the volume and mute the attract mode. However, on World Darts, the coin sound effects do play during attract mode (like in some other Arcadia games), and the other sound effects stay at full volume (likely due to negligence).


Two versions are known:

  1. To continue, you only must insert coins.
  2. To continue, you must insert coins and then press a button. The ROM also contains Arcadia's bank checksums (introduced 1988) and leftover audio from Leader Board (ARC).
  Unknown.svg   Unknown
Title: World Darts
Platform: Arcade
Released: 198?-??-??
Publisher: Arcadia Systems


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Notable Songs Title • Set Start • Waiting
Notable Personnel David Whittaker • Jason Brooke
Notable Companies Binary Design • Mastertronic