Word Rescue (DOS)

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Word Rescue
Platform: DOS
Year: 1992
Developer: Redwood Games

Word Rescue is an early reader education game using a platform action mechanic. In the game, the illiterate Gruzzles are trying to steal words from books to prevent everyone else from learning to read. You must match words to pictures in order to get the words back, while avoiding the Gruzzles or covering them with slime.

The game uses bright colorful graphics and a nice jazzy soundtrack. The puzzle element of the game is simple for young children, and while it has a difficulty meter, only the action element gets harder, not the complexity of the words.


Word Rescue - DOS - Title.png

The title screen.

Word Rescue - DOS - Name Entry.png

Entering my name; the game remembers who you are.

Word Rescue - DOS - Menu.png

The main menu.

Word Rescue - DOS - Story.png

This is a gripping story!

Word Rescue - DOS - Level 1.png

Dumping slime on a Gruzzle in level 1.

Word Rescue - DOS - Level 2.png

You can play male or female characters.

Word Rescue Plus - DOS - Title.png

Title screen for the Plus episode.


VGMPF Album Art       Icon-Help.png

Word Rescue - DOS - Album Art.jpg

Word Rescue uses a simple jazzy soundtrack consisting of only three songs that cycle through as you go further in the game. The game credits the music to Voyetra Technologies, as the songs for episodes 1-3 were taken from Voyetra MusiClips, a royalty-free collection of songs for people to use in their productions. When Word Rescue Plus was released (an extra episode with 45 levels, in contrast to the first three episodes with 55 levels total) Bobby Prince composed new music for the new episode.


Issue - Incomplete.svg

This recording is incomplete.

# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Word Rescue Theme 1 Voyetra TechnologiesKaren Crowther 1:38
02 Word Rescue Theme 2 Voyetra TechnologiesKaren Crowther 1:43
03 Word Rescue Theme 3 Voyetra TechnologiesKaren Crowther 2:18
04 Obey the Rules of Grammar Bobby PrinceBobby Prince 3:11
05 You Subtracted Me Before I Could Make You My Little Addition Bobby PrinceBobby Prince 1:14
06 I Can Spell "Reggae" - Can You? Bobby PrinceBobby Prince 2:19


(Source 1 - The game credits its music to Voyetra Technologies because the songs came from MusiClips, which were converted into CMF most likely by Karen Crowther, the programmer)
(Source 2 - Bobby Prince lists himself as the composer for the music, although he only composed songs for Word Rescue Plus, not for the first three episodes of the original game.)
(Source 3 - The game credits its music to Bobby Prince but only in the Plus episode)

The v2.0 release switched audio engines to use the WORX Toolkit.

Jeff Batter and Gray Fowler may have been the Voyetra songs' composers, but it's unconfirmed.

Game Rip






The music files are simply CMF songs with a different extension and located in the main install folder. The same three songs are reused in each of the first three episodes, with three new ones reused throughout the Plus episode. The music for the first three episodes was converted from MID, while the Plus episode was probably converted from SNG (Voyetra) to CMF (perhaps via MID) as the software Bobby Prince used at the time primarily worked with SNG and MID files.

Audio Devices


Icon - AdLib.png


Icon - PC Speaker.png

(No Source - Game auto-detects an OPL2 compatible device.)


  USA.svg   USA
Title: Word Rescue
Platform: DOS
Released: 1992-03-??
Publisher: Apogee Software, Ltd.
  World.svg   World
Title: Word Rescue
Platform: DOS
Released: 1998-01-05
Publisher: Digital River, Inc.