Weird Dreams (AMI)

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Weird Dreams
Weird Dreams - AMI.jpg
Platform: Amiga
Year: 1989
Developer: Best Ever Games

Weird Dreams is an action game developed by Best Ever Games. In the game, you play as Steve, who has been drugged into a nightmare by his girlfriend, who is secretly possessed by a demon. To escape, you must make it through several weird levels and obstacles, and collect the three orbs hidden throughout the game.


Weird Dreams - AMI - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

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The game has a very short soundtrack, but the music fits the game, thanks to veteran video game music David Whittaker. The game also uses a chiptune version of Country Gardens and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. There is also a song that plays when you control Steve in trying not to fall off the piano keys, and there are 4 total variations, each one getting faster the further you progress. These are all based on the first riff heard in the game's title music. To create the game's music and sound, David Whittaker wrote his own sound driver and entered the music in MC68000 assembly. Whittaker would also go on to write the music for the Atari ST version, which features the same soundtrack, but had to be scaled down from samples to a PSG for the YM2149 the Atari ST possessed.

The Fairground music is based on the composition The Daring Man on the Flying Trapeze, but it appears to be an original composition in itself.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Title Screen David WhittakerDavid Whittaker 6:03
02 Fairground David WhittakerDavid Whittaker 3:02
03 Country Gardens William KimberDavid Whittaker 2:03
04 Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyDavid Whittaker 1:23
05 Piano 1 David WhittakerDavid Whittaker 3:28
06 Piano 2 David WhittakerDavid Whittaker 2:44
07 Piano 3 David WhittakerDavid Whittaker 2:13
08 Piano 4 David WhittakerDavid Whittaker 1:52


(Source: Verification from composer; game lacks credits.)

The game might credit Whittaker in the instruction manual, but the game itself does not. Whittaker has confirmed in interviews writing the music to this game. This can also be supported by the fact that the game uses his sound driver, which nobody else used.

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Audio Devices

The game uses the Amiga's Paula chip, and uses David Whittaker's sound driver.


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Weird Dreams - AMI.jpg
Title: Weird Dreams
Platform: Amiga
Released: 1989-??-??
Publisher: Rainbird Software


Weird Dreams
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Notable Personnel Barry Leitch • David Whittaker • Axel Brown
Notable Companies Rainbird Software • Microplay Software