Wayne's World (DOS)

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Wayne's World
Wayne's World - DOS.JPG
Platform: DOS
Year: 1993
Developer: Robert Fiorini & Associates
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For other games in the series, see Wayne's World.

Wayne's World is a game developed by Robert Fiorini & Associates and published by Capstone. The game is not actually based on the movie, and instead has its own storyline; During the show, while letting fans call in, an anonymous caller informs them that the mayor is trying to save money by cutting off Community Access Television, and informs Wayne and Garth that in three days, a private donation of $50,000 must be made or they will be off the air.

The game takes a departure from the home console versions of Wayne's World in that it is a point-and-click adventure game instead of an action-platformer. At the bottom of the screen are several options (look, talk, take, etc.) and the player must use these throughout their journey. In fact, the game plays similar to other Capstone adventure games around that time including The Beverly Hillbillies and Homey D. Clown.

The game was negatively received by critics. They criticized the dull gameplay, the poor graphics, and the short soundtrack. Also, they criticized the story not having anything to do with the movie.


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Wayne's World has only four songs scored by professional musician Rob Wallace. Unfortunately, the Wayne's World Theme isn't present among these tunes. According to Wallace, Capstone did not receive the rights to use the theme, and so instead, he had to write a new song in the same style. Also, he explained that Capstone prioritized graphics and code over music and sound, which explains the short soundtrack. This can be corroborated with the fact that the other Capstone adventure games only containing a few songs.

The recordings need to be re-done; The Ad Lib soundtrack is the wrong number order, and the MIDI soundtrack is recorded in General MIDI, rather than the MT-32 for the proper instrumentation.

To create the music, Wallace wrote the music in Digital Orchestrator Pro for Windows. It was then converted to the Midpak sound driver.

The song names come from the XMI files, which list their internal names as well.


The soundtrack includes both a MIDI and AdLib recording of the soundtrack. The AdLib soundtrack starts with a 1, the MIDI soundtrack starts with a 2.

# Title Composer Length Listen Download
101 Pop-A Rob Wallace 2:31
102 Metal 1 Rob Wallace 2:48
103 Metal 2 Rob Wallace 3:21
104 Metal 3 Rob Wallace 2:18
# Title Composer Length Listen Download
201 Pop-A Rob Wallace 2:31
202 Metal 1 Rob Wallace 2:48
203 Metal 2 Rob Wallace 3:21
204 Metal 3 Rob Wallace 2:18


(Source: Game, Manual)

The in-game credits are strangely placed after the opening cutscene before the game starts. The manual also has identical credits, along with a reference to a quote from the movie about getting the Stratocaster (It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.)

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Wayne's World uses the XMI format that was popular for many DOS games. The files are included in the root directory after the game is installed. The AdLib recording was made using Midpak, and the MIDI recording was made by converting the XMI files into MIDI files with XMI 2 MIDI and playing them back in Sonar 8.5 Studio.

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Wayne's World - DOS.JPG
Title: Wayne's World
Platform: DOS
Released: 1993-??-??
Publisher: IntraCorp., Inc.


Wayne's World
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Notable Songs Wayne's World Theme • Bohemian Rhapsody
Notable Personnel Paul Wilkinson • Peter Stone • Nick Eastridge • Rob Wallace
Notable Companies Radical Entertainment • Gray Matter • THQ • Capstone Software