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Wayne's World
Founded 1993-??-??
Last Release 1993-11-??

Wayne's World was a comedy skit on Saturday Night Live featuring Mike Myers as Wayne and Dana Carvey as his best friend and co-host Garth. Two movies were made in the series.

The plot of the first movie is a sponsor named Benjamin (Rob Lowe) tries to steal and control the show for his own gain, while also attempting to steal Wayne's girlfriend Cassandra. It is up to Wayne to save his girlfriend and the show.

In 1993, a few video games were developed based on the Wayne's World franchise, though not actually based on the film itself.


8-bit Versions

While the 8-bit versions are loosely based on the events in the movie, but Wayne breaks the fourth wall early in the game and explains that he and Garth in a video game. They go through several locations from the film such as the music store, Stan's Donuts, and even Gasworks.

The 8-bit versions were developed by Radical Entertainment and feature the same graphics and music as each other, but the level designs have been completely changed. Interestingly, the Game Boy version has more music than the NES version and even has a nice 8-bit rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. The games are standard action-platformers. There are only a few stages in each, but each stage consists of several segments.

16-bit Versions

The 16-bit versions of Wayne's World were developed by Gray Matter. The game takes only a slightly different approach from the 8-bit versions; here, once again, Wayne and Garth acknowledge they are in a video game, but the events of the game take place in video game versions of places in the movie such as the Kramer's Music Store, Stan Mikita Donuts, and even the Gasworks. This time, Garth has been kidnapped by Zantar, the gelatinous cube (mentioned in the movie).

DOS Version

The DOS version of Wayne's World, developed by Robert Fiorini & Associates, has nothing to do with the events in the movie. During a segment of Wayne's World where they take callers, they are informed by an anonymous caller that their show will be cancelled by the network unless they can gather $50,000. The gameplay also takes a huge departure from the other versions; rather than an action game, the game is a point-and-click game, similar to what Capstone did with The Beverly Hillbillies (DOS) and Homey D. Clown (DOS).

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Wayne's World
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Notable Personnel Paul Wilkinson • Peter Stone • Nick Eastridge • Rob Wallace
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