Visual AGI Sound Editor

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Visual AGI Sound Editor
Player - Visual AGI Sound Editor.png
Creator Joakim Möller, Gustaf Wennerholm
Released 2002-07-10
Platform Windows

Visual AGI Sound Editor is a Windows program that allows you open, edit, and play SND (Sierra) files. The program is currently in beta and doesn't properly emulate the IBM PCjr 3 Voice or Tandy 3 Voice chips. However, a partially accurate tone is generated through your Windows sound device. When the program is completed, it will be fully introduced into the complete Visual AGI studio.

Visual AGI Sound Editor uses a custom audio format called VAS (Visual AGI Sound File). It uses an XML-like format for ease of editing. However, it can import Sierra SND files using the import feature. It can also export VAS files into Sierra SND format and General MIDI.


Version Download Platform
8 Beta Download - (info) Windows