Vast Fame

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Vast Fame Co. Ltd.
Founded 1998
Closed 2003?
Headquarters Dali City, Taichung County, Taiwan.
Other Names
  • V. Fame
  • 廣譽科技有限公司 (Guangyu Technology Co., Ltd)

Vast Fame Co. Ltd. is a now-defunct Taiwanese unlicensed developer of Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games. Some internal members originate from Chuanpu Technology and Gamtec.


Music Development


Starting with what seems to be the company's first debut game, Super Fighters S (GBC) used Takara's sound driver from Nettou King of Fighters '96 (GB). With the release of Zook Hero Z (GBC), the company used Kouji Murata's sound driver, likely from a reverse-engineered or decompiled version from Mega Man V (GB), as almost all of Vast Fame's games re-use its sound effects, with this driver being re-used for the rest of their Game Boy output.

The company would later port this engine to the GBA's hardware, albeit with notable changes.

Audio Personnel