User MIDI File

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User MIDI File
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Anyone For Cards - W16 - Euchre.png
Composer Kurt Masteller
Arranger Kurt Masteller
Released 1994-??-??
Length 2:07.88
BPM 155
Format MIDI.png
Game Anyone For Cards? (MAC)
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

User MIDI File is the seventh song found in the playlist for the game Anyone For Cards? (W16). The song is assumed to have been composed and arranged by the game's credited musician, Kurt Masteller, however the MIDI file's metadata indicates that it was composed by someone named "Chris." The song may not even be natively included in the proper release of the game, as it's name indicated that it is to be supplied by the player of the game. Unlike the previous six songs, this song, and the option for a User MIDI File, is not included in the Macintosh version of the game. The song loops unless the "play all selections" option is turned on.

The song itself is a simple, but catchy tune, incorporating an acoustic grand piano for melody, choir ah's for harmony, and a hi-hat and a kick and snare drum for percussion.

The file name for this song is USER.MID.