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Hi there! You came from a page you were interested in and wonder what the editor is like? Why he would write what he wrote, what you can expect?

Things I do

  • I read all messages, just not always immediately know what to reply.
  • I'm a programmer at heart and retrieve lots of info (even times) by reading machine code like novels.
  • I prefer few big edits over many small ones. When I get tired of sticking on something too long, I keep drafts on my local drive, wrap unfinished parts with degree-signs (°) as a reminder, and copy-paste finished parts into the VGMPF. I try to say more in less, though I used to go too far and write unnatural or complicated.
  • Instead of making in-game screenshots, try making videos! Using a lossless codec of course. Play comfy, extract frames later using VirtualDub or VLC.

Help appreciated

  • Musical analyses like on Bionic Commando Theme or Player Touroku - Yuuyuu Jinsei (PCE). I'm "only" confident at history and technology like on Space Game - One Man and His Droid (C64) or The Purser Stole My Gun.
  • Contact classic developers. I always hesitate, despite small success. Never had a Facebook or LinkedIn account, but they let me see pages anyway—sometimes.
  • I can be really indecisive and unsure about how people want something. I feel it's best to read other editors' pages, experiment (and return later if I still like it), point out options in talk pages, and wait if others want to act or answer.


...for credits, interviews, narrowed-down release dates etc.

  • In the middle (not the top), enter the name of a game, person or device (better in double quotes), click Search text contents and GO. On the left, you can choose years; maybe move the mouse over DATE ARCHIVED and click Date Published. Remember OCR can misspell. For example, I found a bit more about Jochen Heß by typing "jochen heB" or "jochen hefi".
  • Magazine review months (not only on Amiga).
  • Rather outdated, but the Flash piano did point me to several songs in Plum Duff (ZXS).

Writing history

Games and series

See also User:Professor Chaos/List of Interactive or Random Songs.

  • ?: I haven't properly checked if the port has music.
  • —: I didn't do anything there, I just acknowledge that the port exists.
  • ...: Nearly finished, including text, but on hiatus... hopefully I'll refocus.
Game Platform - C64.png Platform - DOS.png Platform - AMI.png Platform - AST.png Platform - CPC.png Platform - ZXS.png Platform - A8.png Other
180 Pics All All All All Rip
Adventure Math All
Alf the First Adventure All All
Archon ? ? Theme From Adept (Son of Archon)
Atomino ... ... ... ...
Avoid the Noid Rec. All
Bi-Fi Roll - Action in Hollywood All All
Boulder Dash All All All
Boulder Dash II All All
Brubaker All
Bubble Ghost Pics Mute All Mute Mute
Bubble + Rec. All
BugBomber Rec. Rec. Rip
Bump It! All
Calippo All All
Clever & Smart All All All All Mute
Clik Clak All All All User:Professor Chaos/Clik Clak (soundtrack)
The Color Wizard All
Daley Thompson Daley Thompson's Star Events (CP4)
Death Stalker All All
Domain All
The Dragon's Power All
Drei Drachentöter All
Garrison All All
The Great Giana Sisters Mute
Gremlins All All All
H2O All ?
Heartlight All
Impossible Mission II All Mute Rip on Impossible Mission II (NES)
Invade-a-load All
James Bond All Rip
Kentris Rec.
Load-'n-Play Pics
Locomotion: Kingsoft All Rec. All All
Logical All
Mechanicus All
Merry Christmas from Melbourne House All
Mortadelo y Filemón II: Safari callejero Mute All
Netherworld All Rec. Rec.
Ninja Scooter Simulator All All Mute
One Man and His Droid All Mute
OutRun All
The Pearl of Dawn All
Pick'n Pile Rec. Rec. Rec. Rec.
Plum Duff All
Rock'n Roll
The Rocky Horror Show Time Warp - a few credit sources and comparisons between platforms
Sente Mini Golf All Sente Mini Golf (ARC)
Sergeant Slotte All
Speed King All All ? Mute
Sky-Fighter All All
StarTrash All ?
Stormlord ... All All ...
Super Trolley All ... ...
To be on Top All All
Tom & Jerry's Cat-astrophe All
Yie Ar Kung-Fu II All ? Mute Yie Ar Kung-Fu II (MSX)

People and companies

...excluding voices. Approximately sorted by how much I added to their general or audio development section (most first):



Favorite composers

Favorite songs

Uh, way too many to mention... so better get started! More on Editor's Favorite Songs.

Song Game Arranger
1988 Output - SID.svg Title Firefly (C64) Fred Gray
1988 Output - SID.svg All Lazer Tag (C64) Jason Brooke
1988 Output - SSG.svg All except Spherical I Spherical (AST) Stefan Jeworowski
1990 Output - SID.svg High Scores X-Out (C64) Ramiro Vaca, Adam Bulka, Michael Hendriks
1990 Output - SID.svg All except Menu StarTrash (C64) Chris Hülsbeck, Ramiro Vaca
1990 Output - SID.svg Title, In-Game Stone Edge (C64) Markus Schneider
1991 Output - SID.svg All Vincent (C64) Frank Schäfers
1991 Output - SID.svg Title P.P.Hammer (C64) Thomas Detert
1991 Output - OPL2.svg Modern Arts (OPL2) - Rock'n Roll (DOS) Rock'n Roll (DOS) Jochen Heß
1992 Output - Paula.svg Boss Panic, Ending, Credits Apidya (AMI) Chris Hülsbeck
1992 Output - PCM.svg (I Can't Play The) Violin Murder Makes Strange Deadfellows (DOS) Paul Norman
1993 Output - OPL2.svg Song 1-1 God of Thunder (DOS) Roy Davis
1994 Output - SID.svg Title, Credits Saliva Kid (C64) Rene Kretzschmar
1994 Output - SID.svg Story Cheeky Twins II (C64) Jan Krolzig
1995 Output - OPL2.svg World Atlas Atlas (DOS) Unknown
1995 Output - PCM.svg All Rollin (DOS) Karsten Koch
1996 Output - PCM.svg funny Charly the Clown (DOS) Steffen Kleinke
1996 Output - MIDI.svg All Gene Machine (DOS) Ian McCue


I LOVE to be able to mute voices and see notes and instrument settings. Not these boring fractals in Windows Media Player and Winamp.

To me, learning a platform consists of 4 parts: CPU, audio, emulators, and the "community". I only want the most accurate emulators and pedantically compare them with YouTube videos of real machines. The "community" is hardest: Who and what are the most popular composers, editors, working styles, magazines, exclusive games? I can understand audio code on about every platform, yet compare how much I could write about the Commodore 64 and how little on the Commodore 16.

Occasionally, I peek at platforms I've never seen for real, typically when I notice something I know from elsewhere, like my all-time favorite comic series. Not all platforms hold my interest long, though. The best indicator will be the technical column:

Technical Personal
Platform - C64.png
  • C64C PAL with 8580 R5 4091 (bought by my mother in 1992) for recording and real relaxed gaming.
  • CCS64 V3.9.3 everyday. Quite some bugs, but I can work around them better than without that debugger.
  • VICE 3.6.1 on SDL for screenshots and recording. For videos, Select Driver FFMPEG and Video codec FFV1 (lossless).
  • VSID 3.6.1 on GTK for finding the best filter. VSID 3.5 was a crashfest.
  • SIDPLAY2/w 2.6 everyday.
  • DeepSID for muting and Piano.
How it all began. Around 1987, my father heard of "the new C64". 4 years later, he filmed me playing Boulder Dash (C64)! Another 6 years later, he dictated my first BASIC program and gave me books. I read On the Edge: The Spectacular Rise And Fall of Commodore a few years before Martin Galway recommended it on his (formerly public) Facebook page. My tunes.
Platform - PCB.pngPlatform - DOS.pngPlatform - W16.pngPlatform - W32.png
  • Pentium 60 Mhz with a Sound Blaster 16 CT1740 (and a missing serial Microsoft mouse) for recording.
  • DOSBox 0.74 everyday. When pressing CTRL+ALT+F5, make sure the console behind says "Video" rather than "Screenshot"! I don't always press ALT hard enough. Beware of palette changes, they're ignored!
  • AdPlug/Winamp v2.2.1-1/v1.8.2
  • OpenMPT
  • PLX (XMPlay) (by me)
  • VCL (Player) (by me)
  • MIDI-Visualizer (by me). No SF2 support, but Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth isn't always that bad.
  • MIDI (rev.17) with the 4GMGSMT.SF2 from my SB Live!
I've had many PCs since 1992, but my oldest now is the left one. I wish we had kept more, they would come handy for recording now. But it was typical: Nobody thought that retrogaming will be a thing. My older MIDI keyboard works fine with the SB16. I'm not yet ready to record from Roland and Windows (unless definitely made for its dumb built-in Ad Lib driver).
Platform - NES.pngPlatform - FDS.png I made a clean rip of Impossible Mission II (NES), but on the whole I'm sure the NES community does not need me. Other platforms need me. My father bought us one in the 1990s, though to this day, I have only 8 games. As I got into programming, consoles couldn't cut it. They got a renaissance in early 2002, when I discovered the NESticle emulator, which really taught me about waveforms and vibrato. Seeing that the NES is 6502-based was a relevation: Could I write NES games? Found many technical docs, homebrew sources, switched between NESten and FCE Ultra, did a few rips, and indeed a few ports of games and songs. All junk. Lost interest in mid-2004. But FCE's debugger rocked!
Platform - SNES.png See NES. Plus Super Game Boy. I actually watched TV commercials for a while, which is really why my mother drove me to Toys "R" Us and we bought Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (SNES).
Platform - GB.pngPlatform - GBC.png Learned and disliked its custom Z80. Reconciled when I saw that the real Z80 has index registers. Handhelds are the best! This must be why I have 16 games, two Game Boys from my siblings (no idea if they still work), and a Game Boy Color.
Platform - AMI.png WinUAE since 2000 (not 4.9...). Started using DeliPlayer in late 2002. Composed using Modplug Tracker from 2003 to 2004. Used the Winfellow emulator for a while, because it had a debug button and I didn't care for accuracy then. Nowadays using Delix (rev. 9). For videos, set Capture before filtering on, Video Microsoft Video 1, compression quality 100, and data rate off. My brother had one around 1993, probably an Amiga 600. Not even he remembers what happened to it. I loved watching him and his pals play until it was all just Hired Guns (AMI). Myself, I played The Great Giana Sisters (AMI) and acknowledged Chris Hülsbeck's compositions before I did on the C64.

Just before lockdown 2020, my other brother lent me an Amiga 500, in turn lent from someone he hasn't met in 20 years. Most disks don't work (or maybe the disk drive broke on my watch...). Everyone seems to experience that 5'25" last much longer than 3'5"!

Platform - ZXS.png
  • Fuse 1.6.0 for screenshots and recording.
  • XMPZXTUNE v3.8.5 and foobar2000 v1.5.4 for listening.
While I don't get how anyone can prefer these color clashes so much over the C64, I know when to be impressed. See Savage (ZXS) and Astro Marine Corps (ZXS)!
Platform - C128.png
  • VICE
First saw this strange platform in VICE 1.x...
Platform - VIC.png
  • VICE
First saw it in VICE 1.x. Boy, was it ugly.
Platform - CPC.png
  • WinAPE Version 2.0 Beta 2. For videos, select Microsoft RLE and don't let them exceed 2 GB, they will slow down and break at 4 GB!
  • XMPZXTUNE v3.8.5 for listening to YM. xmp-ym.dll spammed xmp-ym.ini all over the place.
  • foobar2000 v1.5.4 for listening to AY.
Best AY-3-8910 platform, because stereo!
Platform - AST.png
  • Hatari v2.4.1 for recording.
  • Steem SSE 4.1.2 (32-bit for .STX files) for screenshots.
  • sc68 for winamp for listening.
Found the ST's combination of graphics and audio surreal.
Platform - BBC.png Martin Galway. 'nuff said.
Platform - SMS.png
Platform - SMD.pngPlatform - GEN.png Cool OPN2!
Platform - NDS.pngPlatform - 3DS.png Coded a MOD player without effects in NO$GBA, to see if I can. My father got my mother a Nintendo DS with Brain Age (NDS) for her birthday in 2008. Later we got another DS and a 3DS. I loved Brain Age, Professor Layton and Rhythm Heaven (NDS). And Giana Sisters DS (NDS) until I touched the end-of-level flag without collecting all crystals. Thought I'm grown up?
Platform - A2.pngPlatform - A2GS.png Can't get my head around Apple, like there's more than meets the eye. Pick'n Pile (A2GS) doesn't work at all.
Platform - MSX.png Would rather recheck emulators before doing another page.
Platform - A26.png
  • Stella 6.5.3. It plays Pick'n Pile (A26) at a more correct tempo at last.
  • PCAE works nowhere.

Overrated, even for a console. :P

Stella's debug colors are great fun! Always wished C64 emulators had that.

Platform - A8.pngPlatform - A52.png
  • Altirra/x64 3.90
  • ASAP XMPlay plugin 3.1.1
Characteristic noise basses.
Platform - CP4.png Somehow likable, especially the colors! Worse audio than expected, except Daley Thompson's Star Events (CP4).