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Composer Hisayoshi Ogura
Released 1986-??-??
Title Origin Game Location
Loops No
This page is for the Arkanoid song, for more titles see Unused.

Unused is a jingle from the game Arkanoid. It doesn't appear to play anywhere in the game, but it can be heard in the arcade game's sound test mode. The jingle was composed by Hisayoshi Ogura. This jingle was not included on any of the official game soundtracks.


Arkanoid (ARC)

Platform - ARC.png
Arkanoid (ARC)
Output - SSG.svg
Arranger Hisayoshi Ogura
Released 1986-??-??
Length 0:05.08
Format VGM

It is unknown where in the game this jingle was originally intended to be played. Hisayoshi Ogura should be contacted for an explaination.

The song is rendered on the YM2149. It is number 17 in the game's internal sound test.

Arkanoid (С64)

Platform - C64.png
Arkanoid (C64)
Output - SID.svg
Arranger Martin Galway
Released 1987-??-??
Length 0:05
Format SID

The song is rendered on the 6581 chip. It's unknown if it plays in Commodore 64 version anywhere.

It is number 8 in the "Arkanoid.sid" file.

Other Ports

This song doesn't appear to be included in the NES port.