Unknown C64 Driver

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Unknown C64 Driver
Released 1986-0?-??
Language 6502 Assembly

This driver was used in Commodore 64 games by unrelated companies with either unknown or unsourced audio credits.

In all songs, each note has a byte whose 4 LSBs stand for the instrument number and 2 more significant bits for modulation type (10hex = pitch bend up, 20hex = down, 30hex = vibrato). In most games, each note also has its own duration and modulation depth.

Unusually, in memory, a note is not followed by its properties, but a sequence of notes is followed by sequences of their properties.


Released Title Sample Arranger Developer Publisher
1986-0?-?? Empire (C64) Unknown Fouad "Foo" Katan Firebird
1987-0?-?? Street Beat (C64) Mark Harrison Significance Mastertronic
1987-12-1? Psycho Soldier (C64) According to GB64, Paul Summers Source Imagine
1987-1?-?? FireTrap (C64) According to HVSC, Chris Gill Source Electric Dreams Software
1989-0?-?? Rainbow Warrior (C64) According to HVSC, Tony Gibson, Mark Harrison Tony Gibson, Mark Harrison MicroStyle
2015-12-21 Sigue Sigue Sputnik (C64) According to GTW64, Mark Harrison Significance