Ultima VI: The False Prophet (C64)

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Ultima VI: The False Prophet
Ultima 6 - C64 - USA.jpg
Platform: Commodore 64
Year: 1991
Developer: Origin Systems, Inc.
For other games in the series see Ultima.

Ultima VI: The False Prophet is a top-down fantasy RPG by Origin Systems. It was the last Commodore game in the series. After it, no Ultima games were released for C64, using mostly DOS instead. It was ported from the DOS version.

In the game, you again play as the Avatar. You are beckoned to Britannia through an unusual red moongate, only to find yourself the target of an assassination plot. You're thankfully rescued by your companions and brought to Lord British's throne room. It seems that the gargoyles have begun to attack Britannia and take over their shrines. You must stop their attacks by uncovering their true motives.

Unlike the previous game, the music is also available on Commodore 64, no upgrades to 128 (but, of course, the game will run on 128 also).

The rest of this game is that this port came too late. The graphics were slightly updated, but the price of it is lacking music during the game itself (only in intro and ending), as the Commodore 64 system isn't powerful enough to do it. The levels are less detailed then in DOS or FM Towns versions.


Ultima 6 - C64 - Bootup.png

The opening sequence.

Ultima 6 - C64 - Title.png

The title menu.

Ultima 6 - C64 - Introduction.png

Well that can't be good!

Ultima 6 - C64 - Character Creation.png

Figuring out my patron virtue.
Ошибка создания миниатюры: Файл не найден
Long time, no see, LB!

Ultima 6 - C64 - Jorney.png

While intro screens became of much higher quality, the game itself looks only a bit better than the fifth installment.


There are two tracks in this game, reused from the fifth part: Ultima Theme (used in menu, intro and character select menu instead of I Hear You Crying, Can't Remove the Pain and Fall Leaves) and Stones (the place is unknown).


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Ultima Theme Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 4:20
02 Stones Thomas ArneKen Arnold 5:10



Game Rip





The music has yet to be ripped. However, the two tracks from the game appear to be the same as the ones from the previous game. You can hear the music from Ultima 5's SID file until a proper one for 6 is made available.

Audio Devices

This game uses the computer's built-in SID chip and sounds the same on every one of them.

On PAL Commodores, everything is 4% lower and slower than on NTSC.


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Ultima 6 - C64 - USA.jpg
Title: Ultima VI: The False Prophet
Platform: Commodore 64
Released: 1991-01-??
Publisher: ORIGIN Systems