Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny (C128)

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Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny
Ultima 5 - C128 - USA.jpg
Platform: Commodore 128
Year: 1988
Developer: Origin Systems, Inc.
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For other games in the series see Ultima.

Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny is the fifth game in the Ultima series. With the virtues established in the previous game, Ultima V explores what happens when governments go to extreme lengths to regulate morality. In the story, Lord British is being held in the deep dungeons of Britannia by the Shadowlords and in his absence Lord Blackthorn has taken up the role of king of the land. However, Lord Blackthorn's methods of dealing with virtue are much more devastating.

You play the role of the Avatar. You begin with a small band of adventurers, and you must build up your levels by fighting monsters, speak to various NPCs for clues, and find a way to rescue Lord British.

Ultima V automatically detects whether it runs on the Commodore 64 or the Commodore 128. However, due to memory constraints, music is only played on the Commodore 128. Those who play the game on a Commodore 64 will only heard sound effects.


Ultima 5 - C128 - Title.png

The title sequence.

Ultima 5 - C128 - Character Creation.png

Choosing my patron virtue.

Ultima 5 - C128 - Iolo's House.png

Iolo's house.

Ultima 5 - C128 - Wandering.png

Wandering around the land of Britannia.

Ultima 5 - C128 - Combat.png

Battling some deadly rats and skeletons.

Ultima 5 - C128 - Camping.png

Resting for the night with a good tune from Iolo.


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Ultima 5 - C128 - Album Art.jpg

The music of Ultima V continues in progression from the previous games. While Origin's sound isn't as technically impressive as other companies in this era, the music is fitting for the game and quite memorable. You will only hear music if you have a Commodore 128; when played on a Commodore 64, you only hear sound effects. This is the first game to feature the iconic song Stones, second only to Rule, Britannia! in popularity in the series. It also features the Ultima Theme which will make another appearance in Ultima VI. All of the song titles come from the jukebox in the Apple II version of the game. The introduction demo plays brief parts of several tracks.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Ultima Theme Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 4:20
02 Britannic Lands Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 2:36
03 Cap'n Johne's Hornpipe Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 1:28
04 Engagement and Melee Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 2:05
05 Stones David WatsonKen Arnold 5:10
06 Greyson's Tale Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 1:49
07 Fanfare For the Virtuous Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 2:03
08 The Missing Monarch Thomas Arne, Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 1:42
09 Villager's Tarantella Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 1:36
10 Halls of Doom Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 3:05
11 Worlds Below Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 2:51
12 Lord Blackthorn Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 3:32
13 Dream of Lady Nan Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 3:00
14 Joyous Reunion Thomas Arne, Ken ArnoldKen Arnold 0:56
15 Rule, Britannia! Thomas ArneKen Arnold 1:24



Game Rip






The tracks have been recorded in roughly the order you hear them during normal game play. They were recorded with SIDPlay (Windows) v2.

Audio Devices

This game uses the computer's built-in SID chip.

Many instruments use a combined triangle and pulse wave, which sounds thin on the C128 and C128D with their 6581 sound chip, and full on the C128DCR with its 8580 revision.

On PAL Commodores, everything is 4% lower and slower than on NTSC.


  USA.svg   USA
Ultima 5 - C128 - USA.jpg
Title: Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny
Platform: Commodore 128
Released: 1988-10-??
Publisher: Origin Systems, Inc.
  UK.svg   UK
Ultima 5 - C128 - UK.jpg
Title: Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny
Platform: Commodore 128
Released: 1988-1?-??
Publisher: MicroProse Ltd.