Ultima: Fear of Exodus (MSX2)

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Ultima: Fear of Exodus
Ultima - Fear of Exodus - MSX2 - Japan.jpg
Platform: MSX2
Year: 1988
Developer: Newtopia Planning
For other games in the series see Ultima.

Ultima: Fear of Exodus (ウルティマ 恐怖のエクソダス) is a fantasy role-playing game for the MSX2. The game takes place in the land of Sosaria, ruled by the king, Lord British, but the vile monster Exodus is about to take over. You must create a party of adventurers and defeat Exodus. To do this, you must fight the many monsters that inhabit the land. As you vanquish them, you are awarded experience and gold which allows you to raise levels and purchase better weapons, armor, items, and stat bonuses at temples. As you talk to the villages in the various towns, you will discover clues about the land, and find helpful items. Eventually, you will become powerful enough to infiltrate the castle of Exodus and take over.

This game is a port of Ultima III: Exodus made by Newtopia Planning for the NES, which was the most impressive port of the time. Their MSX2 port was only released in Japan and, like the NES release, drops the series number from the title and instead gives the game a subtitle. The game has its fair share of flaws; there is an obscene amount of grinding and the NPC messages are rather cryptic, but this version features superior graphics and music compared to the PC versions. Though based on the NES version, some of the graphics were redrawn, and the music was downgraded to play on the MSX PSG.


Ultima Exodus - MSX2 - Title.png

The title screen.

Ultima Exodus - MSX2 - Menu.png

The game's menu system.

Ultima Exodus - MSX2 - Character Creation.png

Choosing from some pre-made chracters.

Ultima Exodus - MSX2 - Story.png

Lord British charges me with the quest to vanquish Exodus.

Ultima Exodus - MSX2 - Overworld.png

Exploring Sosaria.

Ultima Exodus - MSX2 - Dungeon.png

The 3D dungeon experience.


The music of Ultima: Fear of Exodus was composed by Tsugutoshi Goto which is rather surprising considering the fact that he usually works in more professional areas than video games. Most of the tracks are very melodic and mysterious sounding. The majority of the titles come from the Ultima Mix album. The music is ported from the NES game, and a little quality is lost moving from the RP2A03 of the NES to the YM2149 of the MSX2. It is unknown who ported the music.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 The Underground Labyrinth Tsugutoshi GotoUnknown 1:36
02 The Eternal Castle Britannia Tsugutoshi GotoUnknown 2:14
03 The Heroes' Journey Tsugutoshi GotoUnknown 1:36
04 A Peaceful Town Tsugutoshi GotoUnknown 1:42
05 Eyes of Knives Tsugutoshi GotoUnknown 3:17
06 Sacred War Tsugutoshi GotoUnknown 0:48
07 Voyage to the Unknown Tsugutoshi GotoUnknown 1:36
08 The Enigma of Ambrosia Tsugutoshi GotoUnknown 2:35
09 Silver Horn Tsugutoshi GotoUnknown 0:03
10 Exodus the Terrible Tsugutoshi GotoUnknown 1:29
11 The Return of the Champion Tsugutoshi GotoUnknown 2:12



Under most circumstances, Japanese composers also arranged their music to work with their company's audio driver. However, as Tsugutoshi Goto was a pop music composer, it is unlikely, though not impossible, that he also arranged his music. Research should be made on the actual arranger.


Tsugutoshi Goto rearranged his music for the Ultima Mix album. It features all of the game's music rerecorded on more powerful synthesizers as well as two songs composed with real instruments and vocals by Noriko Hidaka. A single album was released which just features the two vocal tracks off Ultima Mix.

Ultima Mix

Ultima Mix.jpg


Game Rip






Ripping MSX2 music is a very arduous process that is beyond the scope of this site.

Audio Devices


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  Japan.svg   Japan
Ultima - Fear of Exodus - MSX2 - Japan.jpg
Title: ウルティマ: 恐怖のエクソダス (Ultima: Fear of Exodus)
Platform: MSX2 (Cartridge)
Released: 1988-??-??
Publisher: Pony Canyon, Inc.
  Japan.svg   Japan
Title: ウルティマ: 恐怖のエクソダス (Ultima: Fear of Exodus)
Platform: MSX2 (Diskette)
Released: 1989-??-??
Publisher: Pony Canyon, Inc.