Ultima: Eyes of Knives / Magnet of the Heart

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Ultima: Eyes of Knives / Magnet of the Heart
Ultima - Eyes of Knives - Magnet of the Heart.jpg
Released 1987-06-21
Publisher Canyon Records
Country Japan   Japan.svg
Catalog 7A0751
Games Ultima: Exodus (NES)

Ultima ~Eyes of Knives / Magnet of the Heart~ is a 7-inch 45 RPM vinyl single containing the two lyrical songs from the Ultima Mix album.

The kanji on the album cover reads: "コンピュータゲーム Ultima テーマソング" which is Computer Game Ultima Theme Song. In the yellow box it reads, "ウルティマ" Ultima, then lists the two tracks on the album, "瞳のナイフ" and "ハートの磁石" which translate to Eyes of Knives and Magnet of the Heart. Magnet of the Heart is a vocal arrangement of The Eternal Castle Britannia.

Both tracks are composed and arranged by Tsugutoshi Goto, the lyrics were written by Yasushi Akimoto, and the vocals were sung by Japanese singer and voice actress, Noriko Hidaka. Some sites incorrectly credit Ken Arnold, the composer of the computer versions of Ultima: Exodus, but none of his music was used in the NES port.


Note: Since there was never an English release, the translations are not official.

# Title Original Title Length
01 The Magnet of the Heart ハートの磁石 5:27
02 Eyes of Knives 瞳のナイフ 4:17