Tsugutoshi Goto

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Tsugutoshi Goto
Tsugutoshi Goto - 01.jpg
Local 後藤 次利 (ごとう つぐとし)
Born February 5th, 1952
Birth Place Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Website www.bass-on-bass.com

Tsugutoshi Goto was born in Tokyo, Japan on February 5th, 1952. He graduated from Aoyama Gakuin High School, and attended Aoyama Gakuin University, but dropped out.

Goto got into music in junior high school after listening to his sister's Beatles albums. He played in a band in high school and learned bass. He has been professionally involved in music since 1972.

Goto has been involved in many different musical projects, and has entered into nearly every realm of musical entertainment. He has played in several bands, arranged various albums, and composed music for various albums, movies, television shows, video games, and even pachinko machines.

Audio Development


It is unknown exactly how Goto created music for the NES, but since he was a professional musician, it is likely that he wrote his music on sheet music manuscript paper and sent it to the developers, in which their programmers coded it into their respective sound drivers.


Released Title Sample Notes
1987-10-09 Ultima: Exodus (NES) (ウルティマ3 エクソダス)
Unknown arranger.
1988-02-?? Ultima: Fear of Exodus (MSX2) (ウルティマ3 エクソダス)
Unknown arranger.
1988-12-10 '89 Dennou Kyuusei Uranai (FC) (’89電脳九星占い)
1993-11-06 Pro Mahjong Kiwame (SFC) (プロ麻雀極)
1994-15-04 Mogura de Pon (GB) (もぐらでポン)
1994-22-07 Pro Mahjong Kiwame II (SFC) (プロ麻雀極Ⅱ)
1994-23-12 Pro Mahjong Kiwame GB (GB) (プロ麻雀極GB)
1995-30-06 Pro Mahjong Kiwame III (SFC) (プロ麻雀極Ⅲ)
1999-19-03 Pro Mahjong Kiwame GB II (GBC) (プロ麻雀極GBⅡ)
1995-06-16 Yakouchuu (SFC) (夜光虫)
1996-09-20 Battle Arena Nitoushinden (PS1) (BATTLE ARENA にとうしんでん) NiToshinden Image Song: Mind Motion
1997-04-25 PAL: Shinken Densetsu (PS1) (PAL 神犬伝説)

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