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Composer Matt Uelmen
Released 1996-12-31
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

The mysterious Tristram theme was composed for the first Diablo game by Matt Uelmen. The song plays as you wander around your dilapidated home village of Tristram.

An song inspired by Tristram can be heard in Goat Simulator in the town of Twistram.


Tristram receives its official title from the album Diablo: 15 Year Anniversary - The Music of Diablo 1996-2011 released by Blizzard in 2011. It is not known if this title was given by Uelmen or the album's producer.


Matt Uelman composed and arranged the town's theme for Diablo, most likely near the end of 1996. The song begins with a rather lonely sound of guitar and flute, but as the song progresses, it acquires a rather deeper foreboding timbre from a stringed instrument. There is also a higher-pitched whistle that can be heard from time to time which sounds like the call of a wild bird. A second guitar picks up the harmony around the middle of the track, and in the later part of the song, the flute takes the melody and is ended with faster strumming on the guitar.


Diablo (W32)

Platform - W32.png
Diablo (W32)
Output - PCM.svg
Diablo - W32 - Tristram.png
Arranger Matt Uelmen
Released 1996-12-31
Length 4:48.64
Format WAV

This is the first release and uses digital stereo audio in WAV format at a sampling rate of 22050 Hz. The track can be ripped from the Diablo.mpq file where it is identified as "music\dtowne.wav".

The Macintosh release is the same as the Windows release.

Diablo (PS1)

Platform - PS1.png
Diablo (PS1)
Arranger Matt Uelmen
Released 1998-04-28
Length 4:45.62
Format SS2

The PlayStation release features the same song which plays at the same points in the game, only with a halved quality of 11,025 Hz.


Released Album Version Track
2011-10-21 The Music of Diablo 1996 - 2011: Diablo 15 Year Anniversary W32 2