Tree Insects

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Tree Insects
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Space Quest 2 - DOS - Tree Insects.png
Composer Al Lowe
Arranger Al Lowe
Released 1987-11-14
Length 0:18.38
Format SND (Sierra).png
Game Space Quest: Chapter II - Vohaul's Revenge (DOS)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes

Tree Insects is a anxious tune that plays if in a certain part of the Labion jungle, you climb a specific tree. You'll become stuck to the bark and carnivorous insects will descend and eat you alive. The tune plays throughout the scene. This is a bit of an oddity in that it's a longer tune, but it only plays at such a obscure portion of the game. It may have been that the designers intended to use the theme for numerous long death sequences, but there weren't any other fitting places.

The song can be played through a 3 voice chip or the PC speaker. The tune is track 67 in the game's data files. This is also the only tune in the game that loops.

Its sound is clearly derived from Flight of the Bumblebee.