Treasure Mountain Theme

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Treasure Mountain Theme
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Treasure Mountain - DOS - Elves.png
Composer Ludwig van Beethoven
Arranger Paul Webb, William Susman
Released 1990-??-??
Length 0:55.05
Format UNK.png
Game Treasure Mountain! (DOS)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes

The Treasure Mountain Theme plays while you're surveying the mountain, catching elves, and collecting clues. Unlike the seriousness of the Castle and Title themes, the Mountain theme is much more playful and uplifting. The song is a contredanse and is Ludwig van Beethoven's 14th work without a number (WoO 14). WoO 14 contains 12 brief songs, and the Treasure Mountain Theme is made up from two of these numbers in particular, WoO 14, No. 1 and WoO 14, No. 3.

The song can be played on three different audio devices, with the best quality being heard from the AdLib version. The AdLib version also has three different variations which are chosen at random each time the song is loaded.

The AdLib and Tandy versions of the song are stored in the TUNES.TAN file while the PC Speaker version is stored in the TUNES.IBM file.