Torus Games

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Torus Games
Founded 1994
Headquarters Australia
Other Names
  • Torus Games Pty, Ltd.

Torus Games is an Australian game developer founded in 1994 by former Beam Software employee Bill McIntosh. The company continues to produce games to this day.


Music Development


For their earlier titles, they used Beam Software's sound engine programmed by Brian Post.

At end of 90s, they developed own unique sound driver, which can play PCM samples. First game that used their driver is Duke Nukem.

Towards the end of GBC development, the company outsourced music to Shin'en Multimedia, where Manfred Linzner composed the music using GHX, a sound driver developed by Martin Wodok.


Their early titles used GAX, a sound engine developed by Bernhard Wodok. Their later titles used a custom sound engine.

Audio Personnel