Top Gear (SNES)

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Top Gear
Top Gear - SNES - USA.jpg
Platform: SNES
Year: 1992
Developer: Gremlin Graphics

Top Gear is a racing game developed by Gremlin Graphics and published by Kemco. It was the first game in the Top Gear series, though it is a port of Lotus Turbo Challenge. The player can choose between four cars, each with their own stats. The player can win the championship by beating all 32 courses contained in the game. Top Gear also offers two-player. Some courses have pit stops to repair your vehicle.




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Top Gear features one of the best-known soundtracks on the SNES, and for good reason; all of the music is good. Despite the game containing only seven songs, one of them being a jingle, each song is very lengthy. All songs in the game are written by Barry Leitch, who was a musician for Imagitec Design at the time of the game's development. It was common for Gremlin to outsource sound to Imagitec. A lot of songs scale up and down a chord, providing an arpeggio-like sound found only in 8-bit games.

The songs Hiroshima, Bordeaux, and Frankfurt are taken from Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (AMI), which credits Shaun Southern. The title screen music is actually the ending music form Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 (AMI), composed by Leitch.

Barry had to write the music in assembly. While Barry initially did not have any official titles for the songs, he said the names of the SPC files could be considered official.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Title Barry LeitchBarry Leitch 4:18
02 Las Vegas Barry LeitchBarry Leitch 6:56
03 Hiroshima Shaun SouthernBarry Leitch 4:03
04 Bordeaux Shaun SouthernBarry Leitch 4:06
05 Frankfurt Shaun SouthernBarry Leitch 3:27
06 Qualified Barry LeitchBarry Leitch 0:13
07 Ending Theme Barry LeitchBarry Leitch 2:15



The game's credits are hidden, and it took hackers over two decades to find out how to access the credits in-game. When naming the drivers, Player 1 must enter their name as _DISPLAY and the second player must enter their name as _CREDITS (the underscores being spaces). According to the game's programmer, Ritchie Brannan, Gremlin prohibited the use of credits in their games.

Though Hiroyuki Masuno is credited for music, Barry stated that all of the music was written by him and that Hiroyuki provided the instrument samples in the game. In addition, Axel Brown is uncredited for the music driver used in the game.

Game Rip




Barry Leitch has the original music source code for the game. However, he has requested that it not be uploaded to this site.

Audio Devices

The game uses the N-SPC of the SNES. It uses Axel Brown's variant of Nintendo's Kankichi-kun sound driver.


  Japan.svg   Japan
Top Racer - SFC.jpg
Title: トップレーサー (Top Racer)
Platform: SFC
Released: 1992-03-27
Publisher: Kemco
  USA.svg   USA
Top Gear - SNES - USA.jpg
Title: Top Gear
Platform: SNES
Released: 1992-04-??
Publisher: Kemco
  EU.svg   EU
Top Gear - SNES - Europe.jpg
Title: Top Gear
Platform: SNES
Released: 1992-11-19
Publisher: Kemco