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Thomas Mustaine
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Aliases ParadoX

Tom Mustaine is an American video game developer. He has worked on several popular video game franchises such as the Doom and Quake series. He is best known for his musical contributions to the TNT: Evilution episode of Final Doom. Because Tom was not primarily a composer, he has joked on his site about how bad his music is. Since 2006, Tom has been Managing Director at Escalation Studios in Texas.

Music Development


Final Doom

Tom had an unusual way of creating music for Final Doom. He would first use ScreamTracker to compose the music. Then, he would use MOD to MIDI to convert his compositions to MIDI files. He would then add some extra parts into the song. Tom said he wanted the music to fit Bobby Prince's score to the previous Doom games. Tom explains on his website:

ALL of the Doom engine midis below were generated in the same fashion. I would create a 4 channel .mod inside ScreamTracker (not a midi editor) then convert that .mod file to a .mid using a cool little program mod2midi.exe. After that, I would create additional tracks and convert them into other .mid files, finally loading each .mid all into my crippled Gravis Ultrasound midi software and combine all the tracks together, fix-up the drum channels and hope for the best. The results were often beyond painful…


Released Title Sample Notes
1996-??-?? Final Doom - TNT: Evilution (DOS)
1996-??-?? Hell To Pay (DOS)
1996-??-?? Perdition's Gate (DOS)

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