Title Screen - Blackjack (NES)

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Title Screen
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Blackjack - NES - Title Screen.png
Composer Mike Smith
Arranger George Rucker
Released 1992-??-??
Length 1:43
BPM 150
Format NSF.png
Game Blackjack (NES)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes
This page is for the Blackjack (NES) song, for more titles see Title Screen.
For the original version of the game's title screen music, see Root Beer Rag.

Title Screen is the song that plays on the title screen of the Maxi 15 (NES) version of Blackjack (NES). The original standalone release of the game used an 8-bit version of Billy Joel's Root Beer Rag, but the Maxi 15 version plays a completely different song, which appears to be an original. This was most likely because either the developer Odyssey Software got a request from Billy Joel's management to change the song, or more likely, they changed the song for the Maxi 15 as to avoid any legal problems altogether.

Mike wrote the music on his MIDI keyboard, which was then converted into George Rucker's sound driver.


The song plays in the key of G minor, at a tempo of 150 BPM, and plays in shuffle time. This was most likely done to achieve the jazzy sound of live bands in casinos.