Title - Bubble + (AST)

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Output - SSG.svg
Bubble + - AST - Title.png
Composer Unknown
Arranger Unknown
Released 1990-0?-??
Length 0:02.01
BPM 121
Format SNDH.png
Game Bubble + (AST)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops No

Title is a 1-bar jingle from Bubble + (AST), a graphical revamp of Christophe Andréani's Bubble Ghost (AST).

The original features Andréani's voice exclaiming "Welcome to Bubble Ghost". For Bubble +, it was replaced with this jingle. Whether Andréani was involved is unknown, especially due to a dispute.

Once you run either game, a sample driver loads (filename GHOST.LOA), the first 30099 bytes of an unsigned 8-bit PCM sample in RAW format load (GHOST.VOI), the title screen appears, the sample plays at 14985 Hz (all 30100 bytes, with the last one obviously undefined), and then the rest of the game loads. If you press a key during the 2 seconds the sample plays, it will not respond to the keyboard and you have to reboot.

Title was recorded from the title screen in Hatari v2.2.1.


Tracks are bass, drums, chords, melody and orchestra hit.