Times of Lore (NES)

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Times of Lore
Times of Lore - NES - USA.jpg
Platform: NES
Year: 1990
Developer: Toho
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Times of Lore is an action adventure game using a top-down view. You play either a knight, valkyrie, or barbarian who is searching for a way to bring order to the kingdom of Albareth which has slowly fallen into chaos. In order to do this, you must seek out knowledgeable people to give you advice and send you on quests to vanquish the source of the chaos.

Although the setting suggests an RPG, the game is actually a simplified action game. Dialogue is light, you don't have any stats to increase, combat consists of mashing the same button over and over, and there are only a handful of items to collect in the game. Despite its flaws, the game does feature a game world which, at the time, was unprecedented in size. You could move about the entire map freely without loading or having to go in and out of separate town maps.

The NES port is probably the most playable of all of the versions of the game. Though it doesn't have the best graphics, the full screen is used to see the map, there is background music during game play, and you aren't expected to pick up the throwing dagger after every attack!


Times of Lore - NES - Title.png

The title screen.

Times of Lore - NES - Character Selection.png

Choosing one of the three character classes.

Times of Lore - NES - Inn.png

The introductory conversation at the inn.

Times of Lore - NES - Overworld.png

Fighting monsters outside of the city.

Times of Lore - NES - Dungeon.png

The dungeons are especially dangerous.


Most of the music is ported over from Martin Galway's music from the computer versions of the game. However the Overworld, Chamber Music, and Dungeons tunes are unique to this port. The US release doesn't have credits, but Katsuhiro Hayashi has confirmed he composed the music.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Title Martin GalwayKatsuhiro Hayashi 2:05
02 Character Selection Martin GalwayKatsuhiro Hayashi 0:19
03 Overworld Katsuhiro HayashiKatsuhiro Hayashi 2:25
04 Chamber Music Katsuhiro HayashiKatsuhiro Hayashi 4:05
05 Dungeons Katsuhiro HayashiKatsuhiro Hayashi 3:12
06 Ending, Part 1 Martin GalwayKatsuhiro Hayashi 1:47
07 Ending, Part 2 Martin GalwayKatsuhiro Hayashi 2:05


(Source: [1], verification from composer; US release lacks credits)

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  Japan.svg   Japan
Times of Lore - NES - Japan.jpg
Title: タイムズ・オブ・ロア (Times of Lore)
Platform: Famicom
Released: 1990-12-07
Publisher: Toho Company Ltd.
  USA.svg   USA
Times of Lore - NES - USA.jpg
Title: Times of Lore
Platform: NES
Released: 1991-05-??
Publisher: Toho Company Ltd.


Times of Lore
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