The Three Stooges (DOS)

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The Three Stooges
Platform: DOS
Year: 1988
Developer: Incredible Technologies Inc.
Buy: Amazon

The Three Stooges is a home computer game based on a popular comedy team of the same name. The Three Stooges have a paying job for 30 days to save the orphanage from the evil banker, I. Fleecum. Get ready for some eye-poking and some pie throwing, and trivia questions.


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Music and Voices

The game's title music is Listen to the Mocking Bird (1934-1939 title theme from the the film series). As the game begins, You will hear Three Blind Mice as The Stooges walk by. The game was also famous for voice clips. For example, When you load the game, You will start with the fake out opening of Defender of the Crown title with the Defender of the Crown theme, The Stooges will arrive and the song ends with a record scratch...

(They smack each other)

Note: The phrase "YOU IDIOT!" was taken from the 1943 short, Dizzy Pilot.


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# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Defender of the Crown title (Fake Opening) David Thiel 0:15
02 Listen to the Mocking Bird Misha Bakeleinikoff 0:20



Icon - PCjr 3 Voice.png Icon - Tandy 3 Voice.png Icon - Tandy DAC.png Icon - PC Speaker.png*


Icon - PCjr 3 Voice.png Icon - Tandy 3 Voice.png Icon - Tandy DAC.png Icon - PC Speaker.png*

NOTE: *The PC Speaker cannot provide digitized speech. This is why it's recommend you used the PCjr or Tandy for sound. (Sources: SepTandy review of The Three Stooges for MS-DOS)

The Three Stooges
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Notable Songs Defender of the Crown
Notable Personnel David Zabriskie • Larry Garner • Gavan Anderson
Notable Companies Cinemaware