The Seven Cities of Gold (DOS)

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The Seven Cities of Gold
The Seven Cities of Gold - DOS - USA.jpg
Platform: DOS
Year: 1993
Developer: Sega Interactive Development Division
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The Seven Cities of Gold is a strategy exploration game with a Spanish conquistador theme. Spain's royalty has charged you with reaching the New World and claiming it for their own. In the process you must outfit a fleet, sail across the ocean, deal with the native people, animals, and plants, discover treasure, and make it back to Spain safely.

This version of the game was an updated DOS port based on the earlier versions of the game from the mid 1980s.


The Seven Cities of Gold - DOS - Title.png

The title screen.

The Seven Cities of Gold - DOS - City.png

The Spanish royal city.

The Seven Cities of Gold - DOS - Harbor Master.png

Visiting the harbor master.

The Seven Cities of Gold - DOS - Crew.png

Setting up my first crew.

The Seven Cities of Gold - DOS - Ship.png

Boarding my ship bound for the New World.

The Seven Cities of Gold - DOS - Land Ho!.png

Land ho!


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Game Rip



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The music is in XMI format and installed into the root path. The XMI files are multi-tracked, and contain different songs for AdLib and Sound Blaster output for the long themes, but the fanfares are played the same regardless of audio setup.

The sound effects are in VOC format, but they are given an SMP extension. There is also a splash.voc file which is used in testing audio setup. Winamp can't properly decode the VOC files with a SMP extension, though more robust programs like GoldWave are able to do so.

Audio Devices


Icon - AdLib.png Icon - Sound Blaster.png


Icon - Sound Blaster.png


This game uses Miles Sound, but only supports the AdLib and Sound Blaster drivers, as those are the only ones installed.


  USA.svg   USA
The Seven Cities of Gold - DOS - USA.jpg
Title: The Seven Cities of Gold
Platform: DOS
Released: 1993-??-??
Publisher: Electronic Arts, Inc.