The Goonies (X1)

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The Goonies
Goonies - X1 - Japan.jpg
Platform: X1
Year: 1986
Developer: Konami Industry Co. Ltd.
For other games in the series, see The Goonies.

The Goonies is a platform action adventure. You control Mikey in his attempt to rescue the Goonies who have been imprisoned by the Fratellis. Traps, pitfalls, and various monsters hare only some of the dangers you'll have to face as you search for your friends. In each stage, you must rescue a Goonie and collect three keys to get to the next stage. There are six stages in total, each one is harder than the previous.

The Sharp X1 port was in the middle ground compared to the others. The graphics were downgraded to a mere 8 colors, and the music plays through the unimpressive YM2149. The controls are also pretty difficult to learn due to the way the X1 keyboard worked. However, it was still better than the Atari 800 and ZX Spectrum ports.


Goonies - X1 - Title.png

The title screen.

Goonies - X1 - Stage 1.png

Finding the last key of stage 1.

Goonies - X1 - Stage Clear.png

One down, five to go!

Goonies - X1 - Stage 2.png

The beginning of stage 2

Goonies - X1 - Stage 3.png

Running along the plumbing in stage 3.

Goonies - X1 - Game Over.png

Looks like stage 4 wasn't in the cards.


The music is ported from the Famicom release. Most of the music is the same, just considerably lower quality to play on the YM2149 sound chip in the Sharp X1. It also plays at a slightly faster tempo then the Famicom.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 The Goonies 'R' Good Enough Cyndi Lauper, Broughton Lunt, Aurthur SteadSatoe Terashima, Unknown 1:07
02 Stage 2 Satoe TerashimaUnknown 0:49
03 Space Between Stages Satoe TerashimaUnknown 1:00
04 Stage 5 Satoe TerashimaUnknown 0:47
05 Ending Satoe TerashimaUnknown 0:48


(Source: The game lacks credits, but it is based on the music of the Famicom port.)

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Source verification is needed.


Game Rip

Issue - Incomplete.svg

This rip is missing songs.







The first track was made by logging the data sent to the YM2149 chip in MESS. The remaining tracks were ripped on Hoot in S98 file format extension and use tails' S98 to VGM converter. The rip is still missing most of the jingles. The recording was made using VGM Input v0.40


  Japan.svg   Japan
Goonies - X1 - Japan.jpg
Title: グーニーズ (The Goonies)
Platform: X1
Released: 1986-??-??
Publisher: Konami Industry Co. Ltd.


The Goonies
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Notable Songs The Goonies 'R' Good Enough
Notable Personnel Cyndi Lauper • Broughton Lunt • Aurthur Stead • Satoe Terashima
Notable Companies DataSoft • Konami