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The Goonies
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Founded 1985-??-??

The Goonies is a series of games based on the 1985 adventure movie. Different developers won the rights to produce the games for different platforms, so there are three different versions of the original game. Non-canon sequels were also made. Most of the games were platformers where you had to collect treasures and save your fellow Goonies.


Although The Goonies was released on several platforms, there are only three noticeably different versions of the game. The American and European home computer market version designed by DataSoft, the Japanese console and computer version designed by Konami, and strangely, a different game designed for the MSX by Konami.

The Goonies (Home Computers)

The Goonies (Consoles)

The Goonies (MSX)

The Goonies II

The second official game in the series takes a more Metroidvania approach, adding to the adventure and exploration, but was only released on a single platform.

The Goonies: Return to Astoria

Return to Astoria is a Flash driving game made to advertise for Jeep.

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The Goonies
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Notable Songs The Goonies 'R' Good Enough
Notable Personnel Cyndi Lauper • Broughton Lunt • Aurthur Stead • Satoe Terashima
Notable Companies DataSoft • Konami