The Beatles

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The Beatles
Born 1960
Birth Place Liverpool, Merseyside, England
Nationality English   England.svg
Died 1970

The Beatles was an English rock band. Its best-known lineup was John Lennon († 1980), George Harrison († 2001), Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr. In 1970, all of "the Fab Four" started solo careers.


Released Title Sample Notes
1984-0?-?? Jammin' (C64) Lady Madonna arranged by Paul Hodgson.
1984-0?-?? Dinky Doo (C64) When I'm Sixty-Four arranged by Damian Mc Comb.
1984-0?-?? Bomb Jack (ARC) Lady Madonna arranged by Unknown.
1984-0?-?? Mikie (ARC) A Hard Day's Night and Twist and Shout arranged by Unknown.
1984-??-?? Yokyu II: Globetrotter (A8) Ticket to Ride arranged by Kemal Ezcan.
1985-0?-?? Musicman (C64) Yellow Submarine arranged by Peter Gerrard.
1986-0?-?? Labirinth (C64) Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da probably arranged by Sandro Chillemi.
1986-??-?? Mikie (C64) A Hard Day's Night arranged by Martin Galway.
1986-??-?? Cleanup Time (C64) Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) arranged by Karl Hörnell.
1986-1?-?? Killed until Dead (C64) When I'm Sixty-Four arranged by Paul Butler.
1988-12-09 Music Assembler (C64) Several arranged by Harald Rosenfeldt.
1989-0?-?? Danger Freak (AMI) Yellow Submarine arranged by Chris Hülsbeck.
1989-07-?? Jeremias Ratterflatter (C64) Several arranged by Robert Hermely.
1991-??-?? Elevator Music (C64) Yesterday arranged by Unknown.
1992-??-?? Comet (C64) Let It Be arranged by Denis Dechaume.
Unreleased Bomb Mania II (C64) Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da arranged by Glenn Rune Gallefoss and Kristian Røstøen.
2008-??-?? Bomb Jack (A8) Lady Madonna arranged by Michal Szpilowski.
2010-??-?? Jewel Bits (A8) And Your Bird Can Sing arranged by Michal Szpilowski.
2011-05-13 Coins (C64) Things We Said Today arranged by Fredrik.
2011-??-?? Jim Slim (C64) Here Comes the Sun arranged by Glenn Rune Gallefoss.

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