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Tetris - X68 - Japan.jpg
Platform: X68000
Year: 1988
Developer: BPS
For other games in the series see Tetris.

Tetris is a puzzle game created by Alexey Pajitnov. The game is pretty simple; form as many lines as possible. To do this, you take any of the 4-segment blocks the game gives you and fill an entire row in the well to clear it.

The Sharp X68000 version of Tetris was developed and published by BPS, the original company who brought it outside of the USSR. BPS also developed the other versions of this same version of the game such as the MSX, PC-8801, PC-9801, and even the Famicom versions.

The BPS versions of the game follow the "Type-B" games found in the Game Boy and NES versions, rather than the endless "Type-A" mode; the player must clear 25 lines to beat the level. Also like the Nintendo versions, the player can select from stages 0-9 and height 0-5, the latter providing a level of "garbage" blocks on the playing field, making it harder to win.


Tetris - X68 - Credits.png

The title screen.

Tetris - X68 - Main Menu.png

Selecting a song.

Tetris - X68 - Gameplay 1.png

Playing a game of Tetris.

Tetris - X68 - Celebration 1.png

An image rewarded for clearing Stage 9 Height 4.

Tetris - X68 - Celebration 2.png

The image rewarded to the player for clearing Stage 9 Height 5.

Tetris - X68 - Heroes.png

Entering a name on the high scores list.


Tetris shares the same soundtrack with the other BPS-released versions. That means it also contains Korobeiniki and Technotris. In fact, this was the first game to use what is now known as the "Tetris Theme".

The game's soundtrack was composed by two members of Goblin Sound; Hisashi Yotsumoto and Hiroshi Taguchi. The two wrote the music in Music Macro Language using the OPMDRV sound driver.

In the Tetris Game Music album (see below), the game's soundtrack can be heard in its entirety in the twelfth track ORIGINAL VERSION MEDLEY. This suggests that the Sharp X68000 version of the game was developed first before the others.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Peddler TraditionalHisashi Yotsumoto, Hiroshi Taguchi 1:09
02 Strolling Player Hisashi Yotsumoto, Hiroshi TaguchiHisashi Yotsumoto, Hiroshi Taguchi 1:38
03 Technotris Hiroshi TaguchiHisashi Yotsumoto, Hiroshi Taguchi 2:02
04 Karinka Ivan LarionovHisashi Yotsumoto, Hiroshi Taguchi 0:51
05 Troika TraditionalHisashi Yotsumoto, Hiroshi Taguchi 2:18
06 Russian Waltz Hisashi Yotsumoto, Hiroshi TaguchiHisashi Yotsumoto, Hiroshi Taguchi 1:18
07 Celebration 1 Matvei BlanterHisashi Yotsumoto, Hiroshi Taguchi 0:32
08 Celebration 2 Matvei BlanterHisashi Yotsumoto, Hiroshi Taguchi 0:32
09 Heroes Hisashi Yotsumoto, Hiroshi TaguchiHisashi Yotsumoto, Hiroshi Taguchi 1:19



The game's credits are shown at the title screen. The Z in Hisashi's name most likely means Zero, as the Famicom version credits him as Hisashi Zero Yotsumoto. The moniker Goblin Sound is most likely an alias for Hiroshi Suzuki, who was credited in similar games for sound effects, but this should be verified. If this is true, then it is unknown why he uses the moniker of the sound team name, rather than his real name like Hisashi and Hiroshi.


Tetris Game Music

Tetris Game Music.jpg


Game Rip








The rip includes both the VGM files, as well as the MML and driver files.

Audio Devices

The game uses the X68000's YM2151 for music and sound effects. It does not use the OKI chip for music, only sound effects. The game uses the OPMDRV sound driver.


  Japan.svg   Japan
Tetris - X68 - Japan.jpg
Title: テトリス (Tetris)
Platform: Sharp X68000
Released: 1988-11-18
Publisher: BPS


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