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This template accepts four parameters Formats, Conversions, File, and No Rip. Formats is mandatory, Conversions, File and Missing are optional, but at least one of the two latter parameters should have a value.


The Formats parameter should be a list of game music formats using the Format template. Rips that are missing or unknown should use the UNK format. As an example of a proper Formats parameter, if the game uses MIDI music and WAV sound effects, it should look like this:

{{Format|MIDI}} {{Format|WAV}}


The Conversions parameter is optional, it should be a list of converted music formats using the Conversion template. As an example of a proper Conversions parameter, if the rip contains converted XM music, it should look like this:



The File parameter is the file name of the ZIP file housing the game's audio rip. If the game doesn't have a rip, either because the music is in a digital audio format like WAV or OGG, or because it has yet to be ripped from the game, leave this parameter blank and set the No Rip parameter. Here is an example of a proper File parameter:

Bionic Commando (NES).zip

No Rip

The No Rip parameter is used only when the File parameter is blank, which should only happen if the rip uses a digital audio format, or because music has yet to be extracted from the game. If the rip uses digital music No Rip should be set to "Digital". If the rip doesn't yet exist, No Rip should be set to "Missing". Here is an example of the No Rip parameter with a missing rip.