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The Infobox Format template has several parameters, many of which are optional.




Title Yes The name of the song.
Format Yes File extension used for file format icon.
Developer Yes Company that designed this format.
Header Yes What sort of header does this file have?
  • Absent - no header
  • SMF - Standard MIDI Format
Content Yes Type of musical notation in the file:
  • Notational - ?
  • Instructional - ?
Instruments Yes Type of instruments in file:
  • Internal - instruments are stored inside song file
  • Optional - file may or may not have instruments
OutputDA No Set to Yes if the format was designed to output digital PCM audio.
OutputMIDI No Set to Yes if the format was designed to output MIDI data, e.g. to an external MIDI synth.
OutputFM No Set to Yes if the format was designed to be played on an OPL2/3/4 synth chip, as used for FM synthesis on Ad Lib and Sound Blaster cards, among many others.
OutputPSG No Set to Yes if this format was designed for a custom sound chip. This includes early arcade games, home videogame consoles, and early 8-bit computers. Formats that output to PC Speaker are also included in this category.
Released Yes Date the file format was first available.
FirstGame Yes Link to the first game that used this format (remember to enclose in [[ and ]] to make it a link).
Extension01 to Extension10 No Filename extensions, of the form: *.ext

[[Image: {{{Format}}}.png]]
Developer: {{{Developer}}}
Header: {{{Header}}}
Content: {{{Content}}}
Instruments: {{{Instruments}}}
Target Output
Output - Digital Audio - No.png Output - MIDI - No.png Output - FM Synthesis - No.png Output - PSG - No.png