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From User talk:Doommaster1994#Thomas Mogensen (Drax):

I would like for someone to help creating an article for Danish composer Thomas Mogensen, also known as Drax. There's a lot of biographies for Thomas, and they have involved in composing of some video game music, but no in-depth article has emerged. SMB99thx (talk) 09:36, 15 November 2022 (EST)

Hello and welcome User:SMB99thx! What kind of help would you like? Do you want to try and create a page on your own, and someone to tell you if it's alright, or how to get started on creating VGMPF composer pages? Or something else?

He sure must be on VGMPF, but my own knowledge is very restricted to his early Commodore 64 computer music (my DRAX game favorites since the late '90s are still this and this). I never thought to follow his Game Boy music (if that's what you know). But I often search the web for pictures (like this group photo), interviews, other info and links on any composer I could point to. --Professor Chaos (talk) 15:47, 15 November 2022 (EST)

If there's any help I need it would be about copyrights. And I'm also afraid about giving out incorrect information/misinformation. By the way, thanks for a little bit of advice, I would try to work the article on my own. SMB99thx (talk) 03:38, 16 November 2022 (EST)
Yeah, I too have noticed how a single composer contradicts himself over different interviews/sites (usually getting years wrong). From my experience it's best to take multiple primary sources (esp. interviews), move all sentences into the right order, and watch that you don't "create" new/wrong info while rephrasing. If sentences contradict each other, with no obvious way to identify the correct one, you could just mention it or put them on the talk page. Some of us also wrote articles on their userspace first (which in your case would be User:SMB99thx/Thomas Mogensen). On copyrights, read Editing Rules: Recordings#Games. --Professor Chaos (talk) 14:45, 16 November 2022 (EST)


Oops, I thought I could enter a comment when I rollbacked that edit. :(

Mogensen's original XM files for Land Before Time (with credit!) are on the comments:

--Professor Chaos (talk) 14:30, 24 October 2023 (EDT)